Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Children's Holidays Reading Plan, Panacea to Reading and Writing Challenges-Educationist

.... Conducts Holidays Reading plan with 130 Children in Lagos

By Victor Bieni

 LAGOS- A Lagos based Educationist and Author, Mr. Michael Omisore has said that Children Writing and Reading Challenges can only be put to an end through regular Holidays Reading Plan,  as he concludes session on Reading with about 130 children (age 5-12) that came for the Family Impact Games Camp that was recently held at Wellspring College Isheri-Berger, Lagos.

Omisore while briefing the press noted that  It was an abridged session that he couldn't have the whole time initially allotted to him because of change in programme, but it was enough to really get the interest of the children so much they came asking for books to read after the session.

He Stated that quickly he  set up a makeshift library at the camp and the response was great as the children trooped in to the library to devour the contents of available books. Some of them read up to 7 books before leaving the camp.

In his words: "It was a Good start for them this long holiday,  a period I am personally convinced that children should do a lot of non-academic reading for personal development, and not just play around all through".

"To sustain the interest, I have come up with a Holiday Reading Plan, which every child (not just those that came to camp) can use to ensure they maximise this holiday reading great materials".

 "Am also going to have the Holiday Writing Challenge I usually have every long holiday for just a number of students whom I will personally teach (at a fee) on how to really develop in writing, reading, vocabulary, assimilation and general knowledge".

"The Holiday Writing Challenge will run for 6 weeks from Monday July 29, and any interested student from any part of the country can join as the mode of teaching is largely virtual".

"Family Impact Children's Camp is over. Next is Teenagers' Camp from today (Tuesday) to Saturday. Looking forward to another great experience".

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