Saturday, December 14, 2019

Quality Higher Education: West Coast University positioned for global academic Excellence- Provost

By Victor Bieni

CALIFORNIA, USA- The Provost, West Coast University International, California, USA , Professor Kolapo IGE Ph.D has said that West Coast University International as an institution of  higher learning is poised towards quality education standards and global academic excellence.

Professor Kolapo made this assertion while fielding questions from Newsmen on the take of his institution towards the promotion of global Sustainable Development Goals  number four
( SDGs 4), which bothers on quality education and academic excellence.

No doubt, the Founding Fathers of West Coast University International California, USA are World class Educationists and first hundred intellectuals in the World. The President (Chairman), West Coast University International, California, USA is Professor S. Lloyd, while the Vice President (Vice Chairman) is a Professor of Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT),  His Excellency, World acclaimed Distinguished Professor Sir, Bashiru Aremu, who doubled as the Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Inc. ( America, Ghana and Partner Campuses Worldwide.

The Provost of West Coast University International, California, USA, Professor Kolapo IGE Ph.D is a highly motivating, talented World Class Economics and Management Professor driven to inspire students' academic and personal excellence with 30 years of teaching as a University Professor, 25 years of Strategic Management, 25 years of human resource Management, 10 years of Computer software usage.

West Coast University International, California, USA is highly blessed with talented staff, Professors; ranging from different Department, discipline, fields of human endeavors and rich  courses offered in the institution.

The Department of Music is very enthralling, enticing, entertaining as being  handled  by  highly experienced  and World- Class Music Professor, Prof. Harold Sexton(Ph.D), and other Experienced and World-class Professors handling other Departments which  included amongst others: Engineering, Humanities, Management Sciences, Natural Sciences,  Arts, theatre, Medical Sciences, Biological, Health Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Law and Criminal Justice, Hospitality and some other important fields of endeavors.

The Nigerian Professor, and Provost,  Professor Sir Kolapo Ige is talented in the following areas: Quality Assurance, Strategic Management, Educational Research, Research Operations, Quantitative Analysis, Business Strategy, Public Speaking, Conflicts Resolution, Scientific Computing(Advance), Business Development, Employee Relations, Microsoft office and do many others as Skills.

The Nigerian Professor of Economics and Management, Professor Kolapo IGE Ph.D who recently emerged the Provost of the Institution was one time a Ph.D graduated Student of West Coast University International California, USA and now a University Professor  in the World acclaimed Institution. West Coast University International, California, USA has Produced World Best in different fields of human endeavors.

The Osun State born Nigerian Professor bagged his degree in "Economics Education" from University of Jos, Nigeria and later proceeded to Obafemi Awolowo University,  Ile-Ife, Nigeria where he bagged his MSc in "Economics" in 1998, then proceeded to West Coast University where he bagged his Doctorate degree  in "Econometrics" in 2014, and bagged another Doctorate degree in "Management and Finance" from Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii, USA where he had acquired unequalled skills to fix the globe in the right perspectives in terms of meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number four as subject to Agenda 2030.

Assuredly, the Provost of West coast University International, California, USA, a Nigerian Professor is indeed fully prepared and he is convincingly living in line with his calling, profile and wider range of academic and work experiences, which no doubt he started in his Country, Nigeria and to the World Power, USA and International Community.

The Provost opined that West Coast University International is one of the best in the World with degree courses and other higher Certificates as in MSc, Ph.D and Post Doctoral Degree in Management, Business, Technical Educational and other programs, with specializations in the following areas: Business Intelligence and Analytics Management, Criminal Justice, Global Supply Chain Management,  Sales and Marketing, Project Management, Accounting, Business Administration, Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Hospitality Management, Finance, Information Technology, Human resource Management, Health Information Management, Information Technology, and the host of others.

The Provost, WCUI Professor Kolapo had wider teaching experiences in Universities in Nigeria, America  and other countries of the World. He was one time Professor of Global Economics and Management at Technology University of America, and Professor of Econometrics in West Coast University, Panama, Central America, and Deputy Director Programs, and Quality Assurance Director at Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Nigeria and so many others to mention but a
few of them.

The Provost noted that West Coast University International, California, USA is experiencial in learning, that you learn by doing, reviewing and improving, also that your academic case studies is applicable to current technical solutions to real business programs.

He then call on Students, and other Stakeholders, Educationists, researchers to avail themselves next great career opportunity at West Coast University International, California, Los Angeles,  USA by January Spring Semester through e-learning, online, residential and distant learning programs in various fields of human endeavors.

Finally releasing the details thus: Provost@ or for Students' to access the institution.

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