Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Why Soludo???

He is sometimes referred to as part of the solution (Soludozie). At other time he is regarded as the solution itself (Soludo Solution). Whichever divide the assessor, Professor Charles Chukwuna Soludo bears uncommon presence on the economic solution of nations. 

 Since he debouched on Nigeria's economic scene first as Chief Economic Adviser to President Obasanjo and Chief Executive Officer of the National Planning Commission of Nigeria before assuming the Governorship and Board Chairman of the Central Bank of Nigeria, he has contributed more than many to the growth of the nation's economy. 

From engaging the banking consolidation that ensured stability through effective management of the nation's foreign reserves, he was able to steer Nigeria away from global economic crisis. 

It does not seem by any stretch of the imagination that he will do any less for Anambra if he accepts to run for its governorship come 2021.

It is  true that the gubernatorial space is already saturated by a motley crew, the presence of the pragmatic economist will redefine the race. 

Perhaps it is the fear of his possible entry into the race that provokes direct  attacks on his person.

 "Soludo is haughty". "Soludo is aloof" . 

 Note that none of those who peddle the false report has had time to engage the man.
Just pleasant fellows who, without any important qualification for the office, would like very much to be governors.  

Not even an idea on how to turn around the latent economic potentials of the state. 
 Even when they cannot point with justice to any drawback to a Soludo governorship they still strain the limit of fair play. 

No doubt, a Soludo governorship will not indulge incompetence and he does not fail to express disdain for ineptitude.
 " The easiest way to waste the future is to churn out millions of semi-illiterates, largely unemployable citizens most of whom seek criminality as the only way to escape the poverty trap". 

It is not difficult to see that Nigeria of today, nay Anambra needs a Soludo. 

This would have explained his rescue appointment to the National Economic Team. 
Be that as it may, it will not be a bad idea if he causes his effort to bear more on his state.

Courtesy: #A4S Team#

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