Monday, January 6, 2020

Birthday: Mama Africa Reveals the Secrets of Longetivity, Clocks 100 Years of Age

... Says Agriculture best Sector for African Countries

By Victor Bieni

ABUJA- The Secrets of Longetivity has been revealed by the  first Female Airline Operator in Africa,  Dr. Princess Rachael Adefunke Wellington widely known as Mama AFRICA clocks 100 years on Tuesday thereby enjoined African Countries to verge into Agriculture in it’s full capacity forecasting that the continent would be the food basket of the world in the nearest future.

The number one female Airline Operator in Africa, an entreprenural pioneer in Africa, Founder and General OverSeerer New Bethlehem Church, Founder Children Palm City, disclosed this to  the CEO/Publisher of "Shocknaija" News Online on Thursday in Abuja, Nigeria's Federal Capital while fielding questions from some group of Journalists said that God is the secret behind her longevity, stating that despite she is 100 years, she is still sound in her dealings with God, stating that she was birth on the 31st of December, 1919.

” I appreciate the Almighty God for his loving kindness upon my live. Indeed God is faithful to me and my family”, she said concisely.

Dr. Rachael,  however, Specifically unfolded certain secrets that has contributed in to her longevity.

“So many long to know the secrets as to why am this old in age and yet not showing in all my dealings. It would shock you to know that the pillar of all reasons is praising God. I praise my God always, and it would interest and perplex you when i say I sing 100 songs per day for my God.

“Honestly, People undermine the place of praise and worship to God. The only thing God can’t do for himself is praising. It is expository to know that the gate way to God is worship and praises. Because of my praise live, the Lord longs daily for my praise and worship, that’s why I can’t die”, she added.

However, she digressed a little as she shared her diet placement, stating that it has also helped aside God who is the all and all of her live. ” I take fruits in the morning, and from 1pm-2pm I take heavy food, while liquid intake is in a larger quantity in the evenings (especially water).”

“Taking heavy food in the evenings is dangerous to health because it wouldn’t digest except in situations where you are rest assured of engaging oneself in serious activities before going to bed that can aid digestion”.

Earlier, the National Co-ordinator, National Association of Christian Pilgrims (NACPIMS), Pst. Dr. Dominic B. Saro-Laka, JP in a birthday message described Mama AFRICA as a woman of valor, an inspirer, a role model not only to women in Africa but to both men and women cutting across continents of the world.

“Mama Africa is a mother indeed to the African continent. She has been a role model, an inspirer and a challenger. She is one who gives reasons to press on despite the obstacles”.

He however, wished her long live, good health and a prosperous new age as he recapped his birthday wishes.

Dr. Princess Rachael Adefunke Wellington who is also the Founder Children Palm City-an NGO, to kick start activities soon as aimed at sponsoring 200 children from each of the African countries cutting across those who are orphans, vulnerable, and those from indigent backgrounds.

She made this also known in the cause of the interview while talking about her 100 years birth.

“In this new age, soon would be flaging off an NGO duely registered with cooperate Affairs Commission already, focused on building the African countries for the task ahead. The NGO would give fully funded scholarship to 200 children each in all the 54 African countries. It then means that the NGO would be sponsoring a total of 10,800 children to America to study diverse engineering courses of their choice. This would in no small measure contribute immensely in making Africa a self reliant continent in the technology macrocosm. However, it wouldn’t be a one time activity, soon as they are done, another set of the same number would be going again. My dream is to see Africa have an engineering village where everything is possibly produced.

Speaking on Agriculture, Mama Africa expressed optimism stating that Africa is blessed heavily with mineral reasons and the likes, that Africa can be self dependent on agriculture if resources are adequately tapped. Calling on Africa countries to dive into Agriculture in a full capacity.

” Africa is one continent that is heavily blessed with agricultural resources if harnessed in it’s full capacity, the continent would turn out to become the food basket of the world someday. I believe in Africa because I know Africa is blessed. I have a dream that one day Africa would be the food basket of the world. To this effect i urge all African countries to storm into the harnessing of agricultural resources”, she said.

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