Monday, January 6, 2020

Empowerment: NGO to Launch Pastors’ Overseas Global Programme

By Victor Bieni

ABUJA- A Non-governmental organization has disclosed plans to  launch Global Evangelical Mission, a special programme to assist men and women of God desiring to embark on global evangelism and network with foreign churches, religious organisations and Christian leaders across the seven continents of the World,  Founder of Mighty One Empowerment Foundation (TEMOEFA), a non-Governmental organization, Dr. Barika D. Saro- Lika

In a chat with journalists at his office in Abuja today, Shocknaija learnt that the development icon said it is his modest way of contributing towards the harvest of more souls for God’s Kingdom, developing their capacity, boosting their knowledge and experience, opening multiple streams of income for them and supporting their activities and encouraging them in the timely task of depopulating the camp of Satan while aiding people to get salvation.

According to the respected consultant, interested members of the clergy would be assisted to obtain visas to different countries for preaching engagements and to serve as guest speakers at leadership and specific training programmes for members of the host foreign churches in different countries.

He explained that his NGO is committed to offering comprehensive linkage and technical services for participants, stressing that congregational and family tie would be expanded through their participation in GEM.

Dr. Saro-Laka added that the first phase of the programme would witness servants of God from Africa visiting Venezuela, Guyana, Colombia, Brazil, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, Latvia, Poland, Malta, Luxembourg, Italy, Belize, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, South Korea, The Netherlands, Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Bangladesh.

The international consultant disclosed that the initiative is also meant to strengthen the capacity of African preachers and religious bodies towards accessing useful resources and financial support for their speedy growth and expansion as well as towards enhancing their rural evangelical outreach activities and impact.

He also hinted that the full benefits of the programme would be unveiled at the launch fixed for March 2020 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Dr. Saro-Laka said GEM is open to churches and their delegated and introduced members in African countires, adding that potential applicants for the programme must be introduced by their churches and verified and cleared before participation in GEM.

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