Friday, January 31, 2020

Global Conference On Robot Intelligence And Technology Applications, UNESCO Laureate Emerges Speaker Group Opens its Website for Registration,  others for the September 1st- 2nd, 2020 Program Group sets to Launch Young Scientists Forum in Portugal towards Global Recognition

...Global Distinguished Scientists, University Dons, Professors, VCs set as Keynote/Plenary Speakers.

...Students with Outstanding paper Presentation may go home with $400 for the GSERICA 2020

By Victor Bieni

LISBON- PORTUGAL- Most Academy Excellent, World Acclaimed,  Distinguished Professor Emeritus (on merit, honored and ranked) by UNESCO,  His Excellency, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu,  UNESCO Laureate, Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Inc, will grace the Conference as  one of the  Guest Speakers in that  program as organized by
"The Scientistt Organization", the   World Conference is a global Summit and Exopo on Robot Intelligence And Technology Applications in one of the Europe's finest Countries, Lisbon, Portugal announced to start September 1st and  2nd, 2020 with speakers drawn from World's most influential researchers, Scientists globally.

The Press Statement as regards the  invitation letter to the VC by the Leadership of "The Scientistt Organization"  on the said global Conference was disclosed to some group of Journalists by the VC's  Personal Assistant, On Media And Publicity, Sir Bieni Victor Emenike,  who harped on the need for Stakeholders, institutions, Governments, and Corporate organizations, Students, early Scientists  globally to advantage of the conference.

GSERICA 2020 according to Professor Bashiru Aremu is to provide a unique Forum for discussion of the latest development, meet leading Researchers as well as most influential minds in the field of Advanced technologies of Robot Intelligence and Smart Application.

The Scientistt Organization anchor man and Honorary Chair of the World Conference is the Founder and Head of Artificial intelligence and Knowledge Engineering Research Labs Scientist, Faculty of Computer And Information Sciences, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, Dr. Abdel Badeeh Salem, who is also one of the keynote Speakers attested the uniqueness of the program towards emerging Research, innovations and trend.

Other Keynote and plenary Speakers included amongst others: Emanuel Diamant, Vidia- Mant Institute, Isreal, MC Donald- Maier Klaus D, University of Essex, UK, Rodoslav Tomovic, University of Montenegro, South Eastern Europe,  Andreja Ilic, University of Kragujevac, Republic of Sabia, Dominic Palmer Brown, University College, Dublin UK, Paata. J. Karvilishvilli, Georgian Technical University USA and other Numerous Speakers to mention but a few.

The World Distinguished professor Emeritus (On Merit), professor Bashiru noted further that the Conference will no doubt, the Conference will address the global challenges in the area of knowledge Engineering, intelligent health care systems, Computational intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytic, Artificial intelligence (AI ) paradigms as well as Networking Opportunities for early Robot and AI Scientists globally.

Professor Aremu also noted that the World Conference would also provide an opportunity where the Birth of Young Scientists Forum Globally would be initiated  to provide vibrant platform for oral presentation, encourage new academic aspirations, networking opportunities for Students, and friendly environment to present ideas, grow their skills and broaden their horizon as well as  strengthen multi-desciplinary integration

The World renowned  Professor of Computer Science,  Information Communication Technology ( ICT) the stated the United uniqueness of the Country Lisbon, adding that Lisbon is a historical City in Portugal with Cultural Entertainments and high -tech innovations in the Europe's Westernmost capital, which is known for her good hospitality and family- like Welcomes to Visitors.

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