Wednesday, January 15, 2020

"NEVER AGAIN" : Eze Chukwuemeka Eri, 34th , Aka Ji Ovor Igbo Becomes Royal Father Of The Day As Nzuko Umunna, Ndi-Igbo In Lagos And Civil Society Held Confereence At Muson Center, Onikan , Lagos.

It was a gathering of who is who as; literary icons, ethnic leaders, civil society groups and traditional rulers gather for the NEVER AGAIN Conference; Nigerian Civil War, 50 Years After Conference which was organized by NZUKO UMUNNA and NDIGBO in LAGOS recently. The conference which was aimed at educating our today youths, politicians and nation leaders of the dangers war and violence, has in attendance HRM EZE Chukwuemeka Eri Eze Aka Ji Ovor Igbo 34th, Prof Wole Soyinka, Prof Kalu O Kalu, Prof Pat Utomi, Prof Adebanji Akintayo, lady Onyeka Onwenu, Prof Yima, Mr Akin, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe and many educational icons.

HRM Eze Aka Ji Ovor who played fatherly role as an observer at the event and as the highest recognized Igbo monarch was as well honoured as Royal Father of the day. Prof Anya O Anya who chaired the occasion stated during his address thanked the organizers, said the conference was long overdue and that it should have been held 50years back. He enumerated that many nations; Germany, Japan, and even Rwanda have fought wars in the past and lost but that did not impact negatively on their economic growth as Nigeria is suffering today. He added that having declared No Victor No Vanquished after the civil War the then Nigerian Govt failed woefully in the implementation which was the reason we have not move forward as expected after the civil war.

Prof Banji Akintoye was vehement in his keynote address as in his speech one can sense his passionate disapproval of FG’s lackadaisical attitude toward the carnage that has beclouded the nation coming from Fulani Herdsmen and Islamic Militia from the Northern side of the country. He said he fears that the character of the affairs our country these days and prevailing mood amongst citizens is similar to the character to the affairs of our nation some months before the civil war base on his experienced. He stated unequivocally that citizens have protested, complained, advised for the government to take adequate action to arrest the situation but was ignored, same thing that happened before the 1966 coup that broke the camel's back. He added that this carnage of ethnic cleansing is presently dangerous and overwhelming while the government seem not to be interested in protecting the majority but systematically aiding the conquest and ethnic cleansing. He said that ISIS which has been disbanded from Asia has now taken its root in Northern Nigeria with intention to make West Africa a new base from where it would terrorize the world, a situation that call for worry and urgent action from the Nigerian Nation and world leaders.

The next keynote address came from Prof Wole Soyinka who started his address with question why FG, Security forces have continually refused all calls to release Agba Jalingo whom was kidnapped and ever since nothing was heard about his where-about. He declared his gratitude to the founders of AMOTEKUN. He doesn’t care whether it was accepted by all or not but to him it was long expected and now that it has come to be, it should be encouraged. Prof Pat Utomi who spoke of the  binding love in Nigeria before the war, even after the civil war there was gleam of hope for indivisible unity and love which characterized the then Alhaji Shehu Shagari Administration and hope  which was dashed by arbitrary subsequent seizure of power by the military. He also added that Nigerian as nation can never move forward with the type political parties we have today!

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe was not left out as he mount the podium amidst applause with his satirical statement on the arrest and detention of Sen Shehu Sani by operatives of EFCC, he added that he would get back to the Red Chambers with report about the Never Again Conference; Biafra: 50 years after. 

Lady Onyeka Owenu was brave, vigorous, and turbulent like a whirlwind when she was called upon to make her contribution. She almost drew audience in tears and applauding as she drive home her powerful expose on who the Igbos really are.

HRM Eze Chukwuemeka Eri Aka Ji Ovor Igbo Gburu Gburu who was seated with the special guests of honours was flanked by his majestic Royal Cabinets; Hon Chief Osita Chinwuba, Prince Okey Ekwuo, Chief Mrs Uju Edochie, Chief Emeka Udenze, Chief Nnamdi Onwuzulike, Chief Tony Onwubuya, Chief Mike Ajana and many of his subjects. Rising up from the event; HRM Majesty Eze Chukwuemeka Eri stated his appreciation to the organizers of the great conference advising that sustenance of the NEVER AGAIN CONFERENCE as annual event and that key players in our nation’s policy makers, leadership, lawmaking and politicians and youth be invited in the future so they will learn from historians on how best to redeem what was lost so collectively we can put our dear nation on the glorious and progressive perspective.

The royal father who believed so much in the restoration of the Igbo nation and strong supporter of the nationwide yearning for restructuring as the only way forward toward unity in diversity, equality and equity to every tribe that make up the great entity called Nigeria.

The organizers while appreciating HRM Eze Aka Ji Ovor Igbo were euphoric that not only did he honour their invitation to play the role of royal father of the day; he came prepared with his royal cabinets and his subjects from Aguleri hearing that he will be in the conference they defied all Lagos traffic jam and trouped out en masse to the venue of the conference which made the event even more colourful than they had expected.
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