Friday, January 17, 2020

SOLUDO: Creating A New Economy In Anambra.

By Uju Ifunanya Edochie.

The Nigeria economic status and financial sector grew tremendously under the supervision of Prof. Charles Soludo as Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Soludo's unrelentless determination to destroy the fraudulent and underperforming culture of Nigeria’s financial sector transformed Nigeria's economy one of the world’s leading economies.

Early into Soludo's appointment as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, he embarked and battled with thorough reform and transformation of banking sector, which was an obvious place to begin as at the time.
A 13-point agenda was drawn by Soludo, which included agenda included raising banks’ total capitalization from about $15m to $200m and within 18 months, this was to be completed for both foreign and domestic banks in Nigeria. This was a stating point in Nigeria's economic reformation. 

A replica of Prof. Soludo’s economic reforms would be great in Anambra State. Soludo's excellence in economic development and growth is overwhelming as it has led to creation of thousands of job opportunities, huge support for private investments and SME's, and strong financial infrastructure.

Soludo's grand ideas are needed for improvement of living standards of the people such that lives are touched uniquely through better and productive government policies that will support and protect private businesses most especially SME's, provide job opportunities, as well as create condusive working environment.

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