Saturday, February 22, 2020

Boot Party is Committed to Development of Nigeria-BOT Leader/National Chairman-Sir Sunday Adenuga

By Victor Bieni

ABUJA- The BOT Leader/National Chairman of Boot party of Nigeria, Sir Sunday Adenuga has said that the party stands for the development of Nigeria towards Socio-economic, Sustainable Development process and political stability in Nigeria.

Sir Adenuga, a human and social development change agent disclosed this to some group of Journalists recently  the Party  Leadership training, Workshop today being 22nd February, 2020 at the Party's National Secretariat, Boot Party house, 11, Road Ci, FHA, Kari, Iyanya- Kashi Road, F.C.T, Abuja, Nigeria Stated that the mission of the party is to impact on the political space in the forthcoming Local Government elections in Nigeria and 2023 elections in general.

Sir Adenuga stated that Boot party means "Because of our Tomorrow", that the Motto of the party is: Fiduciary, Obedience and Service. And one  standard standing Boot with green color as the logo of the party.

He noted further that Boot party being the newest party in Nigeria Survived INEC's Hammer in the recent deregistration of 74 Political parties out of the former 92 Political parties, that Boot party was amongst the 18 Political parties that made it as the party was fully registered, duly recognized by INEC on 25th September, 2019.

Boot Party According to its BOT Leader/National Chairman , Sir Sunday Adenuga he noted that Boot party will slug it out with political parties in the country across different states to win election, that the party will continue to excel, emerge victorious as it remains one of the Surviving 18 Political parties in Nigeria.

In his words: "I Sir Sunday Adenuga and other BOT Party visionaries since 2016 decided to systematically organize our combine knowledge to creat a new cooperative-like political Society and political Leadership System".

" One of our aims and objectives is to create a political platform driven by technology and People (TAP) that will produce  Leaders with great zeal to serve the people in trust and obedience to our nation".

"Also amongst other objectives to groom those that will serve Nigeria and humanity, irrespective of their Nationalities, creed or financial capabilities and others".

" And Most importantly, to win elections at all levels of Government to be able to be able to deliver one working Nigeria agenda".

Sonny as  he is Popularly called by his friends as a grassroots Nigeria who I over two decades has been involved infosec and financial service across Nigeria, Africa and Europe.

He told Newsmen that Boot party is completely different other political parties because its founding fathers were not members of any political association before it was birth in Nigeria.

The human and social development expert endorsed by both local and International Organizations as well as all Nigerians, he added that the party believes that it is not the powerful that win elections but the  people.

Sir Adenuga, an accomplished program manager, while commending the members of his National Executive Council, States Working Committee, members of the great party in Nigeria and beyond on their support towards the Sustainable growth and development of the party.

He then enjoined Nigerians to register with the party as members as the groups embarks on greater membership drive across the country.

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