Saturday, February 8, 2020

Coronavirus can be avoided by Regular washing of hands-shocknaija News experts advises on one to try as much possible not to touch your face/ avoid hand contact with your face.

... practice good hygiene always.

By Victor Bieni

CHINA- The deadly Disease called Coronavirus can be prevented by Regular Washing of hands as stated by some medical experts.

Coronavirus came from the family of Coronavirus . Other viruses that came from this deadly family included amongst others are: SARS, MERS and Common cold type. 

The transmission mode is by droplets. The virus is transmitted when one choses to avoid  Regular Washing of hands, refuses to put on the attitude of total resistance to regular touching of face.

Recently in an attempt to ameliorate the deadly spread of the Coronavirus diseases in China, and and overcome its globally threat,  Lawrence Wong  in a public lecture to Chinese Stakeholders as Chaired by   Gankim Yong asserted that Regular washing of hands and avoidance of hand contact with the face is a sense quanon to its preventive measures.

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