Thursday, February 6, 2020

CWIEB is Committed to Excellence Global Support For Authors, Editors in All Disciplines-VC-Shocknaija News the Chartered World Institute of Encyclopedia of Books debuts in Nigeria, Africa, globally. UNESCO Lauareate, Crown University VC,  Prof. Sir Bashiru Aremu says Membership is open to all Authors, Editors, Researchers, technocrats and all Disciplines.

... Says benefits of CWIEB is for the advancement of books, award research, consultancy, sound professionals, job opportunities.

...Say CWIEB will enhance Development of  Authors and Editors' experts advice and book commentary.

By Victor Bieni

OSHOGBO- OSHUN STATE, NIGERIA- Most Academy Excellent, World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor Emeritus (On Merit Honored and Ranked by UNESCO),  UNESCO Laureate, and Vice Chancellor,  Crown University International Chartered Inc,  His Excellency Professor Bashiru Aremu has advised Students in Nigeria, Africa, Asia, America and other Continents of the World to make good use of the availability of the Chartered World Institute of Encyclopedia of Books, that different grades of members such as Lecentiates, Associate members, Graduate members, Flow members

Most Academy Excellent, World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor Emeritus (On Merit, Honored and Ranked by UNESCO), UNESCO Laureate, Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Inc. in a Press Statement as made available to some group of Group of Journalists by his Senior Special Assistant, On media and Publicity, Sir Bieni Victor Emenike stated that the International Certifications, the Chartered World Institute of Encyclopedia of Books is a symbol of Excellence in Education and research.

According to the World Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Information Technology (ICT), Professor Bashiru Aremu Stated that the Nigerian Campuses are not only located in America, Asia,  Europe and other Continents bit also in Africa, most importantly  Located at its global Headquarters in Osogbo, Osun  State, Nigeria and some other States in the Country.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines Encyclopedia as large collection of information about many subjects, often arranged alphabetically in articles, in a set of books, or available through a computer, or containing many articles arranged in alphabetical order that deal either with the whole of human knowledge, or with a particular part of it, or a similar set of articles on the internet.

The Chartered World Institute of Encyclopedia of Books Inc. (CWIEB) had been listed as International Chartered and recognized  Institute by the Government of United  States of America, Office of the Secretary of States,   Laws of the United States of America  1776, file number 7661471 as a Worldwide independent Organization, Self- Governing, pan- discipline Educational Charity established for Authors and Editors all over the World for Authors and Editors of all Disciplines and Institutions globally.

The Press release reads in part: "The Vision of Chartered World Institute of Encyclopedia of Books Inc. (CWIEB) is to enhance learning and reading for all branches of knowledge arround the World by by developing trustworthy, engaging content to create products that will engage people of all ages at home, on the go, in the classroom, or in the libraries worldwide.

"CWIEB has a mission Statement of encouraging excellence in all the Authors and Editors in all discplines; including Industry and Commerce, Arts, Public Service and so on, for more information email:  or

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