Thursday, February 6, 2020

Niger-Delta Development: CEPEJ to Buhari, Use the $308 Abacha's Loots On Oil Communities- Shocknaija News

.. Appealed to  Buhari not to use funds only on Lagos- Ibadan Express Way,  Abuja- Kano Express Way, and Second Niger Bridge Constructions of tge  recovered Abacha's Loots. 

.....says Niger-Delta Region is in dire need of infrastructural and human capital development.

.....says Youths in Niger-Delta Region should be encouraged in Agriculture.

...says funds should not be disbursed through any Federal Agencies of the Government.

....Says direct Application of funds by the Federal panacea to preventing Corruption, and viable Development.

....Says Delta, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom,  Rivers and others are  dire need of funds towards Poverty Alleviation.

By Victor Bieni

WARRI, DELTA  STATE- A Niger Delta Born Peace and Environmental Activist,  Comrade Sheriff Mulade has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to use the recovered $308M Abacha's loots to develop the neglected oil producing communities in the Niger Delta Region.

CEPEJ  National Coordinator gave this advice today in a Press Statement from  his Office Secretariat in Warri, Delta State as made available to Newsmen in the State, while  reacting to the recent media Reports by the Federal Government that the current Recovered $308 Abacha's Loots will be used for the Construction of Kano-Abuja Express Way, Lagos- Ibadan Express Way and Second Niger Bridge.

The activist Stated  that the recovered $308m Abacha's loots should be channelled to the development of oil producing communities across the Federation, especially core states like Delta, Bayelsa and River States. 

According to him, the recovered funds were proceeds from oil exploration activities from the oil communities particularly from Akwa Ibom, Delta, Bayelsa and River States during the period Late General Abacha was Head of State.

The Activist opined that  the so called funds should be majorly used for infrastructural and human capital development of the people and the region to give them sense of belonging.

 "We should not repeat the same mistake a second time. Using the recovered funds for the construction of Lagos - Ibadan expressway, Abuja - Kano expressway and Second Niger bridge is a misplaced priority and an act of injustice to the oil producing communities and States", he advised.

"The funds should be used mainly for the construction of projects that will create employment to reduce youth restiviness and engage the armed of youths in areas such as Marine Fisheries/ Aquacultural industries,  Marine Forest Management Institutions and construction of roads and bridges linking towns and villages in the Coastal communities of the region".

He then appealed to President Buhari to include Niger Delta Coastal oil bearing communities where the funds in question were majorly extracted from and should be the focus and target for the  developmental strides of President Buhari.

The Press Statement reads in part: "If the fund is used for the infrastructural and human capital development of the oil bearing Communities, it will boost the marine economic growth and help alleviate poverty from the coastal  communities".

He appealed to President Buhari not to allocate or share the fund to any Developmental Agencies in the Niger Delta Region rather the Federal Government should apply   them directly to avoid corruption.

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