Monday, February 3, 2020

Panel-8 Symposium, Panacea to Nigeria's Education Challenges in Tertiary Institutions-VC

By  Victor Bieni UNESCO Laureate, Prof. Sir Bashiru Aremu Emerges one of the  8- Man Panelists.

.....says Doctors (Ph.D) and Professors in both Academic and Industrial endeavor set to launch new narrative.

... Symposium  will promote paradigm shifts in Education.

....says Symposium to enhance Sustainable future to Students, Youths, graduates and undergraduates. the Organizer, Dr. Goodnews Asiquo Samuel says event to take place in Uyo on 3rd of April, 2020.

... Dr Good News Asiquo Samuel says identified setbacks and solutions will promote productivity- Entrepreneurship, Business Leadership, Creativity amongst Students, Youths in Nigeria.

By Victor Bieni

UYO- AKWA- IBOM STATE-  As Part of efforts to address the dwindling State of Education in Nigeria, especially in tertiary institutions, caused by numerous unaccounted factors, a group under the aegis of  "Panel-8- Let's Educate Naija" has set up 8-Man Panelists  made up of Doctors (Ph.D) and Professors in both Academic and Industrial endeavor to set a new narrative on the theme, panel Symposium.

Most Academy Excellent, World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor Emeritus (On Merit, Honored and Ranked by UNESCO), UNESCO Laureate, Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Inc. in a Press Statement as made available to some group of Group of Journalists by his Senior Special Assistant, On media and Publicity, Sir Bieni Victor Emenike stated that Panel-8- Let's Educate Naija Symposium will profer solutions,  address the Challenges faced by Nigeria's Education System, especially in tertiary institutions.

According to the World Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Information Technology (ICT), Professor Bashiru Aremu Stated that the goal of Program is to provide an open, Student friendly, innovative, sustainable, responsive Leadership, Networking, Interactive and quality plenary from successful academicians to both Students and youths.

The Symposium whose philosophy is towards helping students and youths to develop their academic, intellectual, personal and emotional skills.

He added that Panel-8- Let's Educate Naija has the philosophy to build confidence, provide diversified creativity, learning environment by giving both Students and youths solid foundation for a successful and a academic viable life.

Professor Aremu Stated further that the Symposium will address the root cause of Nigeria's Educational retrogression as graduates are ill- equipped to face the Society, he then enjoined all Stakeholders to join hands with the group towards providing the rudiments, facts about life and Education beyond, paradigm shifts so as to make successful Entrepreneurs and sustainable future for both Students, Youths, graduates, and undergraduates in tertiary institutions.

Professor Aremu while urging Education Stakeholders, Students, Youths, graduates, undergraduates to take advantage of the program  noted that the Organizer of the Symposium, Dr. Goodnews Asiquo Samuel had fixed the date of the program on 3rd of April, 2020 in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Capital, listed some of the essentials of the Symposium, which included amongst others: Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Business Leadership,  Creativity, innovations, Proposals and  Research Sponsorship and development amongst Students, Youths, graduates and undergraduates.

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