Friday, March 27, 2020

Alleged Exploitation And Sack Of SA By Delta Commissioner: Hear His Own Version!

About six months ago, the Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Science and Technology, Delta State, Engr. Matthew Tsekiri, appointed an S.A (Special Assistant) to help him in his job in the Ministry.  

Not long after the S.A (Special Assistant)  resumed work, the Hon. Commissioner began to notice that he lacked the capacity to effectively function as his S.A (Special Assistant), bearing in mind that the Commissioner's duties entails a lot of technical matters. 

The S.A (Special Assistant) claiming to be a graduate on his C.V, was expected to be able to meet a decent standard but the Hon. Commissioner was disappointed to discover otherwise.

 He discussed this several times with him but it became obvious that he had apparently reached the limit of his capacity. The Hon. Commissioner gave him some time to pick up, believing he would take it as a challenge.

At a point recently, however, the Commissioner exhausted his patience and decided to relieve him of the burden while exploring another assignment that suits his capacity.

 As a young graduate with very little exposure, it appears the young man took his disengagement in very bad light, hence his decision to resort to blackmailing the Commissioner through unfounded lies, outright fabrication of stories, all designed to embarrass him. 

The Hon. Commissioner's first reaction was that the young man lacked the intellectual depth to pursue a line of calumny of this sort, except perhaps there were some persons behind him who were goading him on to score some cheap political points.

As a Government appointee with a strong passion for youths (male and female) of his community, who have been beneficiaries of his generosity over the years in Uvwie LGA, the Hon. Commissioner had already arranged a new position the former S.A (Special Assistant) would fill with tasks that were within his capacity to deliver on before his defamatory stories went viral.

 The Hon. Commissioner has taken this unfortunate incident in his stride and moved on, knowing that blackmail is one of the vocational hazards that every politician would face some day in ones political journey.

 The Hon. Commissioner bears no animosity whatsoever towards his former S.A (Special Assistant) as he believes that his work must go on despite distractions such as this. 

Conscience, it is said, is an open wound and only truth can heal it.

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