Friday, March 27, 2020

Covid-19 Stay At Home Order: CEPEJ To FGN, Provide Foods And Other Amenities To Poor, Indigent Nigerians

.....You Treat Pandemic Without Considering the plight of Average Citizens, which is tantamount to hunger and Starvation

.... Nigerian Leaders only concern about themselves than the Citizenry.

... Activist faults Federal Government, Governors' Approaches, says Foods, and other basic amenities should be made available to the  poor electorates.

....says Nigeria's Corona Hunger worst than Corona Virus Outbreak tasked them on Responsibility

..Mulade expresses Sadness on the way the disease is being handled in Nigeria, enjoined on honesty.

.....World acclaimed Environmentalist urges FGN not to use Pandemic as a means of emptying the Nation's Treasury.

....tasked Federal Government on saving Nigerians from Death on the pandemic outbreak

....urges NCDC to provide health equipment to Citizenry, and embark on public enlightenment.

....urges FGN not to politicize the fight against Coronavirus

By Victor Bieni

ASABA- The National Coordinator, Centre For Peace And Environmental Justice (CEPEJ), and  World Renowned Environmentalist,  Human Rights Activist, Comrade Mulade Sheriff has charged Federal Government, the 36 State Governors and the FCT Minister not to politicize the fight against the deadly global pandemic, COVID-19, so as to save Nigerians from death.

Comrade Mulade, the National Coordinator of the Center for Peace and Environmental Justice, (CEPEJ), gave the charge in a press release made available to some group of Journalists in his branch Office at Asaba, Delta State Capital expressed sadness over the way and manner the deadly disease was being handled by the Federal Government in Nigeria without adequate health equipment, personnel and public enlightenment on the need for Nigerians to adhere strictly to WHO guidelines.

He commended President Muhammadu Buhari, the Ministries of Health and Information, State Governors, as well as NCDC for taking bold steps to lock down the States, restricting human movement through daily media announcements, the CEPEJ boss however urged the authorities not to politicize the curbing of the killer virus from spreading in Nigeria.

 "Federal Government and the Governors to be honest, sincere, proactive and provide palliative measures without any political undertone, as the pandemic is purely a health issue and not party politics. He advised all to shun all political and religious differences and support President Muhammadu Buhari to adopt collective efforts to save Nigerians", CEPEJ Boss Stated.

In his words: "President and all relevant authorities should  monitor those saddled with the responsibility to midwife the process of curbing the spread of the virus, and urged the Governors, Ministries, Departments and Agencies not to see the outbreak of COVID-19 as a conduit pipe to drain the Nation's Treasury".

 "Governors and political office holders should make adequate provisions for their family members and political aides in case of any eventuality in Government houses, plans should also be made to provide and supply electricity, food, water, sanitizers and other essential items to the poor electorate who voted them into power".

"If the pandemic persists, many Nigerians might die of CORONA hunger and starvation at home, alleging that the Governors appear more concerned about themselves than the citizenry, issuing political statements to deceive the public, allocating and sharing State funds with reckless abandon".

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