Monday, March 16, 2020

Crown University International Chartered Inc. Rebrands for 21st Century Quality Higher Education- UNESCO Laureate, VC.

....UNESCO Laureate says Institution, a Private International University  licenced by the Government of United States of America (USA), Secretary of States of Delaware.

....says that the University now has  a new Website  created,   and  Consequent accomodation of  new Board of Trustees of the Institution.

... University VC, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu on Sabbatical leave in Nigeria,  says adminstrative, International Corporate  office now in Argentina, South America.

...More other Educational restructuring capable of uplifting the Institution to be unfolded soonest  so as to show excellent performance in the World University rating.

....says New Institution  was properly Chartered in USA, Secretary of States of Delaware and accorded different recognition from different Accreditation Bodies in 2019.

....the VC says Institution  will make great, positive difference and promote best Global practices and standards towards Sustainable quality education globally.

By Victor Bieni

 ARGENTINA- SOUTH AMERICA- UNESCO Laureate, Vice-Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Inc. (  Americas, affiliated campuses in Liberia, Benin Republic, Ghana and other associate campuses Worldwide) 
 Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu has said that the University which got  his first recognition from the  Government of United States of America at City of Dover, State of Delaware, precisely from the  Secretary of States in USA is  licenced to operate in USA   as an International Chartered University with a backup, recognition from different Accreditation Bodies  globally and from different countries in 2019 with its Administrative Headquarters currently based in  Argentina, South America, that the higher Institution is currently undergoing serious  Educational restructuring, rebranding for quality demand on World Class Research, Educational growth, Development and quality Higher Education in Africa, Asia, Atantica,  America, Europe,  Occeania (all the continents of the World).

The VC, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu dislosed this to some group of Journalists today in a press statement through his Personal Assistant, On media and Publicity, Sir Bieni Victor Emenike stated that the Institution  though new but will promote its global vision and mission on quality Higher Education, ensure strong fulfilment of its  Educational tenets which he said  anchored and revolves around the Seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals towards reaching the generational or Centuries global vision as an Institution with  a fountain of knowledge, character in service for humanity, integrity, innovations, creativity, and hard-work for global research development.
Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu stated further that a new Website has been developed by the management of  University International Chartered Inc. so as to adapt to the current realities as the new higher Institution is on daily basis  rebranding to offer  quality education to its students all over the World, also that the new development makes for  adaptation and accommodation of the present statistics on the Institution, Board of trustees, Board of Governing Council, and others for Sustainable youths Contributions.

The Professor Emeritus On Merit stated that Crown University International Chartered Inc. has since its inception  different conquered her limitations on the areas of global acceptance, recognition from World Education accreditation bodies by ensuring that its Management took  prompt action and eventually secured the global acceptance, recognition by global accreditation bodies as  well as  from all education Stakeholders Worldwide for legitimate operations in all the countries of the World.

 He added  that the University is in Partnership with different International Organizations in the  World, also that the  University is in Partnership other Universities in Nigeria, India, Liberia and other part of Africa, South America, Asia,  Central America and others as MOU has been signed on that effect, that this development is aimed towards  higher quality Education in Nigeria, Africa and globally.

The International Private University has concluded its registrations and approval from various Federal Ministries of Education, and Departments Incharge of University Education in different continents of the World, that accreditation has also been gotten from the Ministry of Education and Health of Santa Cruz Province in Argentina,  South America, which he said give the University Management  authority to  now pitch the  adminstrative, International and corporate office in Argentina, South America as its Corporate  headquarters.

Crown University International Chartered Inc VC, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu who is currently on a sabbatical leave in Nigeria admonish Educational Stakeholders, and would- be students of the  University should be very patient with the management as the rebranding will be finalized this month of March, 2020 while stating  admissions will soon kick-start for this year's academic Sessions.

No doubt, Crown University International Chartered Inc VC added that the Institution has fulfilled all the necessary criteria for her to kick-start Educational operation having been accredited by three different Accreditation bodies such as Board of Quality Standards BQS,  European Union Framework EFQ, International Association of Transnational Universities IATU, and other recognized Accreditation bodies globally.

However, the World renowned Professor of Information and Communication Technology ICT,  then  stated further that the Board of trustees of the great Institution took the decision to relocate the University to Argentina, South America for sustainability and development.

Also Stated that the profile of the  Board of trustees,  Board of Governing Council and other top Officers of the University will be uploaded in Institution's newly developed  Website or data base to reflect its  current history, ensure  complete eradication of the old site of the University information for better Management Information System (MIS).

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