Wednesday, March 11, 2020

New Recruits Into the Nigerian Army To Undergo Special Forces Training- Chief Of Army Staff, Buratai

...Delta NCYN Boss, Comrade Kenneth Okorie advocates for amendment on the need for Youth Leaders to be Shortees, signatories to the  Applicants, Nigerian Army Recruits, with a provided  Clause in the form by the Agency. Delta Youths faults Nigerian Army's Criteria on Recruitments Exercise.

...says Use of High Ranking Officers, Personalities and age limits are major Barriers to Youths participation and Qualifications on the exercise.

... Nigerian Army Directorate of Recruitments...., Brigadier General Emmanuel Henry Akpan, DTSG Department of Political and Security, Mr Godwin  says Nigerian Army is Committed to Credibility and Quota System on Recruitments.

... Nigerian Army Directorate of Recruitments, says Merits and Credibility the Agency's Watchword.

...that there is  no ethnic sentiments, bias in Recruitments Exercise, enjoins Delta Youths to apply.

By Victor Bieni

ASABA- The Directorate of Army Recruitments, Resettlement and Reserves, Nigerian Army led by Brigadier General Akpan Henry Emmanuel has said that Nigeria Army will not relent its efforts towards proper Sensitization of Nigerian Youths on the on ongoing Recruitments exercise for Special Forces in the entire Federation.

Brigadier General Akpan made this assertion in Asaba,  Delta State Capital at Unity Hall, Government House today being 11th of March, 2020  as the Nigerian Army Directorate of Recruitments, Resettlement, and Reserves visited and  sensitized the Youth Leaders in Delta State on the importance of  their youths keying into the Agency's Recruitment exercise to the youths towards the reduction of Youth unemployment in the country and proper Utilization of their God- given talents.

The Chief of Army Staff, Nigerian Army, T. Y. Buratai, who was ably represented by the  Director, Directorate of Army Recruitment, Resettlement and Reserves, Brigadier General Emmanuel Henry Akpan, alongside the Delta State Government,  Directorate of Political and Security,  sensitized the Youth Leaders in  Delta State, Precisely under the aegis of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Delta State Chapter.

The Army Departmental Director, Brigadier General Akpan stated that their major objectives of Coming to Delta State is to educate, enlighten, campaign, and sensitize the Youth leaders in the state, just like it is being carried out in the 36 States and F.C.T in the Country, on the new Army Recruitments going on in the country.

According to him,  the exercise is  centred on
"Special Forces Recruitment" not only for recruits but for every Nigerian who are ready to join the Army, mentally and medically for the exercise, he  added that the training is always rigorous, and highly demanding but very good for people who are ready to increase their "Endurance Level" during the exercise as the Command, Agency's cardinal belief  is  anchored on Credibility, physical and mental fitness.

He added that no amount is required for the applicants  rather registration should be done, commenced as soon as the portal is open, that 4 Credit Passes 'O' Level are needed to include Methematics and English Language in two sittings for the new recruits under the first category between the ages of 18-22yrs.

The Army Officer who came alongside other top ranking Officers bof the Command, Agency harps on the needed for the selected Youth Leaders from the 25 Local Government Areas of the State, Entire Executives of the Delta Youth Council stated further that the second category of the recruits are those  that has learned or undergone one trade, apprenticeship or the other, with trade tests, or Certificates, for those  between the ages of 22-26yrs under the Special Forces of the Nigerian Army, then enjoined them to take the Campaign to the grassroots, rural areas for those youths who are qualified to key into the exercise.

In his words: "The Chief of Army Staff directed that those to be recruited must be physically and Mentally fit for the exercise. Any Personnel that takes part in that training can function well in any environment".

"You must train yourself beyond the endurance training. You need mental training. That is,  you are to tune your mind. This training is for every personnel not only to the recruits but for all. We urge you to convey this message to everyone, Youths that wants to join the Nigerian Army".

To this end, he then  openned the floor for the Youth Leaders to make their contributions during the interactive sessions,   which gave way for the youth Leaders to faults some of the unwholesome practices of the Agency during the recruitment exercise, citing use of high ranking Officers and personalities in the society as shortees during recruitment exercise, Poor Federal Character representation, poor logistics and shortage of materials for sensitization of the grassroots populace, especially the youths.

 Some of the Youth Leaders mentioned the issue of the inability of a Common man, rural people to meet up to rigid Shorteeship, signatories criteria as a clause specified in the application form,  ethnic sentiments during recruitment processes, lamented on  the criteria for requirements for recruitment into the Nigerian Army, also  frowned  at age barriers, nepotism, and others, which the Directorate promised to channeled their concerns to their National Headquarters for appropriate action if need be.

The Chairman National Youth Council of Nigeria, Delta State Chapter, Comrade Kenneth Okorie alongside other Youth Leaders from the 25 LGAs of Delta State then opined that on  the High Ranking Officers, personalities, therefore suggested that Youth Leaders should be allowed in the clause of the Agency's form to accommodate the need of the Common man in the street, and at the grassroots.

The Army Director of Recruitment, Brigadier General Emmanuel Henry Akpan alongside the liason Office of the Army Recruitment Exercise in Delta State, Mr Atima Godwin while responding to the fears of the youth leaders,  stated that the Agency under the leadership of Chief of Army Staff, T.Y Buratai  is Committed to free and fair Recruitment processes that the  Exercise will be  Credible, void of ethic sentiments, and maintenance quota system, Federal character, and  of best global practices.

The Leadership of Nigerian Army then commended the youths on their turn out,  participation then sue for cooperation and support from the youths towards the Achievements of the goal of Nigerian Army on the National Campaign.

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