Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Covid-19: Any Religion Without Science And Technology Education Is Worthless- Islamic Professor-Shocknaija News

....As Professor of  Islamic Studies and Comparative Religion advises Islamic Leaders on Western Education

By Victor Bieni

World Distinguished Professor of Islamic Studies And Comparative Religion, Prof. Imam Raja Ather Qudoos has enjoined Islamic Leaders all over the World to as a matter of urgent important embrace Western Education which is the Hallmark of  Science And Technology development across the globe.

 Imam Rajah Ather Qudoos spoke to Shocknaija News online today in an exclusive interview in the on-going global  lockdown as a result of the pandemic Coronavirus pandemic disease stated that it is time Islamic Leaders embrace Western Education as the Hallmark of Science and Technology.

The renowned Researcher, Scholar, Professor in the field of Islamic studies and Comparative Religion stated that the  present day scenario portraits the image of Islam as a villain infront of the world.

In the words of the erudite Professor of Islamic studies and Comparative Religion: "West thinks that Islam is the religion of stone ages that doesn't want brainstorming and progress. But reality is contrary to this".

 "The Holy Qur’an urges human beings to seek knowledge. It gives insight into the Wisdom required for the creation of a Universe with its variety and diversity; a universe in which it is possible for life to exist".

Prof Raja Arther Qudoos who quoted from the Holy Quran Stated:
"Who provides sustenance for you from the heaven or the earth ? Or who is it that has power over the ears and the eyes ? And who brings forth the living from the dead and brings forth the dead from the living ? And who regulates all affairs ? They will say, `ALLAH.’ Then say, `Will you not seek HIS protection ?’ (10:32)".

According to him, this  verse encourages masses to explore the Universe and the nature of the creations of Allah.

Speaking further, the erudite Professor then quoted from a famous  scientist,  Albert Einstein that "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind".

The Islamic Professor noted that Islam emphasizes on seeking education from cradle to the grave, which he said   Prophet Muhammad SAW freed many prisoners of Badr in return of what they taught to the Muslims.

"Muslim scientists in the earlier era based Quran for what they achieved. This also proves the fact that Quran is the compete code of conduct", he added.

The Distinguished Professor of Comparative Religion, also  quoted in the Holy Quran and as practiced by the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and as rejuvenated and explained in the modern age by the  Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community carries this one step further.

 "Not only is there gain in adopting a scientific approach to the study of nature but a scientific formulation of religion and its use to understand the Author of the Universe is also a most beneficial enterprise", he said.

" It is far more than the
pointlessness that many modern day philosophers assign to a godless existence and purposeless existence of the entire universe", Prof Imam Stated.

"Revelation Rationality Knowledge and Truth
 is a masterpiece by the fourth Imam of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community", he added.

He explained eloquently about the ins and outs, whats and whys and ifs and buts about the study of this universe, while expressing fears  that now the question arises,  that if Islam emphasizes so much about getting knowledge of science, why do Muslim countries lag behind the west in this field?

He argued that the answer is obvious that the message from the pulpits and mosques is lacking, also that Islamic Leaders forget the first words of Jibril A.S to Prophet SAW until someone reminds us that it was إقرأ that means "read".

He stated that the  message had a wider wisdom in itself than what we grasp, he then mentioned the first ever Muslim scientist to get a noble prize in Physics, Dr Abdul Salam, whom he  said that he got scientific ideas from Holy Quran.

According to the World Distinguished Professor of Islamic studies and Comparative Religion, that the Moslem Scientist, Dr Salam felt that the religious leaders in Muslim countries were too content with explaining the Islamic religion without any reference to science and technology.

 He said that the  renowned Moslem Scientist, Dr. Sam once admonished,  asked them to exhort Muslims in their sermons to study science and technology, considering 750 verses, speaks of tafakkur and taskheer, i.e. science and technology.

He stated that most of the research he carried out on this to know reasons for backwardness of Moslems in terms of the Practice or their inability to embrace Western Education and other extremism as it concerns Religion in the World, that the reply was that  they would like to do this but they know not enough about the
modern science.

According to him the meaning of  a hadith Stated thus: "Wisdom is the lost property of a believer", while  stressing  that  It is  high time Islamic Leaders all over the World  act upon this.

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