Sunday, April 5, 2020

Covid-19 Lockdown: UNESCO Laureate, VC, CUICI, Prof Aremu Develops Scientific Apps, Resources For Educationists, Stakeholders

..... UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu says Scientific applications, resources developed will help epidemiologists predict the next move of Coronavirus diseases Covid-19.

......the World acclaimed Professor of Information Communication Technology, says Computer Science a vital tools, palliative measures to the pandemics.

....says the roles of Educationists, Professors, Lecturers, Teachers, and other stakeholders cannot be over- emphasized towards teaching the the students to support their Community in this challenging times.

...advises to explore the usefulness of the Scientific applications and resources he developed to help citizens in Nigeria and globally, and stakeholders to login and teach the students, kids.

...says Institution have started using the applications while and some are preparing to take cue on the resources.

By Victor Bieni

OSHOGBO- SUN STATE - NIGERIA- UNESCO Laureate, Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Incoporation( Argentina, USA and other Partner Campuses Worldwide), and World Distinguished Professor of Information Communication Technology,  Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu has developed a Scientific a Scientific testing kits, applications and resources for Educationists, stakeholders as a panacea to the global lockdown on the outbreaks of Coronavirus diseases Covid-19.

Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu disclosed this to Newsmen today in his country home today at Oshogbo, Osun State, Nigeria while addressing some group of Journalists stated that the resources and  AP test kits developed is a major panacea to this Covid-19 pandemic, that the Scientific applications is also a vital tools to all researchers, Educationists, Stakeholders, teachers to enable their students learn, acquire more knowledge in any field, especially in the field of Computer Science.

In his words: "I Compiled Resources to support teaching during covid-19. With the  outbreak of covid-19, as UNESCO Laureate and world acclaimed Distinguished University Professor Of Information and Communication Technology".

"I know that many of my fellow Professors and Lectures will be supporting their  Students remotely. Teaching computer Science and Information and Communication Technology is already difficult, and moving to a virtual environment can be challenging".

" I've compiled a list of resources to help Professors, Lectures and Teachers to support their students during this trying time. I encourage you to keep visiting this page that I mentioned below for the most up-to-date resources".

"To be the best for your students you need to be the best for yourself. Remember to stay safe, take care of yourself, and don't compare yourself to other Professors, Lectures and teachers".

"It's easy with all the resources floating around to feel pressured to perform in a certain way, but your district of School might not have access to the same resources as your counterpart located elsewhere. You're doing the best you can for your students with the resources available to you".

The  Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Incorporation, Professor Bashiru Aremu while given hints on how stay safe in the on-going Covid-19 Pandemic stressed that these challenging and stressful time that Educationists, Teachers and Students as well as stakeholders should prioritize their own physical and emotional well being, he then added that citizens in Nigeria and the rest of the world should follow the five WHO's guide lines, which will enable them keep physical distance from others but still find way to stay connected.

"Here are some the resources to support you; we have the calm: Which is curated  resources to support mental and emotional wellness through this stressful time-free. We have headspace for educators; which is guided exercises, videos and resources to support mindfulness free for all K-12 teachers and staff".

" We also have Down-Dog-App for post secondary school students, teachers through June, 7 minute work out classes free for all K-12, Hilt, barre, virtual yoga and others. We have notable-Women - Computing- Solitaire; which is a card game for a brain break, where you also learn about the contributions of women leaders in Computer Science and Information Technology. As well as live cams; which is streams videos of animals and landscape for a calming break".

The World Distinguished Professor of ICT, Professor emeritus on merit stated further that many schools as many schools that were preparing for the AP testing, that the college board has been posting updates and is developing resources to help support teachers navigating planning for testing.

He noted  that the resources and the scientific applications developed will no doubt help Professors, Lecturers, teachers to have a flow of conversations  and answer some of the likely and very important questions the students might ask them by being curious, anxious in the on-going Covid-19 pandemic to support them.

Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu then stated that experts has given some answers to New York Times on their inquiry on how parents and adults can talk to adolescents about the pandemic by managing anxiety a
with reference to the scientific applications he  developed as guide to Coronavirus, also noted that the podcast will help students build emotional resilience during disaster as well, and steps towards increasing kid's sense of self-control.

The World most popular Vice Chancellor, who was the former Vice Chancellor of Crown University College, Accra, Ghana after his resignation for a greater calling  then appointed as  the new University as Vice Chancellor, that is now the VC of Crown university International Chartered, which is now the fastest growing University in the World today as the institutions was first registered in USA, and Argentina its corporate Headquarters in 2019 with other recognised global accreditations Worldwide, an autonomous University that is completely different others in terms of greatest vision and mission for quality higher education.

The VC has harped on the need for stakeholders, educationists to ensure that  they teach students,  login into the App and use the resources he developed to support students in learning about the Coronavirus pandemic by helping them to build their knowledge around the virus to help support their community to reduce spread.

According to the World Distinguished Professor of ICT some of the App ingredients very imperatives included amongst others are: Learning and teaching online, Coronavirus tech reports, kids guide to Coronavirus, helping epidemiologists predict how and  where the illness will move next, the imperatives of ICT, Computer Science, state specific models and others.

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