Sunday, April 26, 2020

COVID-19: UNESCO Laureate, Prof. Sir Bashiru Aremu Advises Moslems On Use Of "Kettle Buta" For Ablution During Prayer Times, Says Bottle or Satchet Water Is More Preferable.

....Says Buta for Ablution during prayers by Moslems should not be use by more than one person at a time.

By Victor Bieni

 OSHOGBO- OSUN STATE- UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu has advised Moslems in Nigeria and globally on the use of the kettle “buta” for ablution
during  prayer times, while stating  that one buta should not be used by a good number of persons.

The World Distinguished ICT Professor disclosed this to our reporter today while fielding questions from some group of Journalists  in Oshogbo, Osun State capital on the use of Buta for Ablution during prayers by Moslems and the consequences in this global Covid-19 Pandemic.

He advised them to take precautionary measures so as to avoid the spread of the deadly disease during prayers as Buta is used for Ablution Stated that  any affected person leaves the virus on the handle of the buta.

In the Words of the Professor: "So anyone who handles the buta picks the virus immediately. The worst is that ablution is not done with soap. So from hand washing, the next place is the mouth, nose and to face washing".

"COVID19 directives now forbid congregational prayers but people pray in small groups well dispersed for those who have been educated on COVID19. This notwithstanding, the buta remains busy contaminating users. When you see people using the buta, please educate them to either use sachet water or bottled water for ablution".

"Best of all, Veronica buckets can be placed around the Mosque for ablution. Infections through ablution using the buta is more dangerous than even social distancing. Let’s propagate this if you agree. I stand to be corrected".

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