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Employment: Group Celebrates Former Oshimili South Local Government Chairman, Ogbueshi Efianya In Asaba

....Voice Of Aniocha/Oshimili People (VOAP) enjoins Anwusia, Oseme, Osadebe, Ndukwe to emulate gestures.

..... Oshimili South Local Government Council NULGE Chairman,  Comrade Kennedy  says gesture a celebration of life while on earth. Oshimili South Local Government officers, employees  commended Efianya on his role on their employment opportunities in OSLC.

....The former lecturer, Federal College of Education (Technical), Asaba, Ogbueshi Efianya thanked the leadership for remembering him while alive.

.... a Group under the aegis of "Efianya Children"  was led by Mr Eboka who thanked Efianya,  then stated that some of the boys he employed had  risen to the position of Directors, HODs, Heads of Administration, Accounts , and others.

...Efianya enjoined his political colleagues to emulate his kind gestures on strategies towards Youth  employment.

....... Efianya who served as OSLGC Executive Chairman between (1999- 2001) employed over 70 graduates in his tenure despite lean Council finances.

....he tasked the present OSLGC Chairman, Comrade Uche Osadebe on Youth employment in Oshimili South- initiating local content, taking cognisance of the plight of indigenes.

...a member of the group, who doubled as the current NULGE Chairman, OSLGC, Comrade Kennedy applauded gestures said though we are not his relations but he employed us.

.....the leader of the group, Mr Eboka said we are Oshimili South people from Okwe, Oko, Asaba and others basically to celebrate him on his continuous support to the youths of Oshimili South Local Government.

.... Efianya's Wife, non- indigenes other observers spoke to media attested to his leadership approach void of ethic sentiments, Non- segregation and fatherliness.

.... Shocknaija News Online said he is currently the best 21st Century ex- Executive Chairmen in Nigeria, grassroots political ICON, Youths unemployment fighter.

By Victor Bieni

ASABA-  A  foremost, oldest grassroot politician, philanthropist, and man of the people left a lasting legacy while he was a Local Government Council Chairman,   The  first erstwhile Executive Chairman, Oshimili South Local Government (1999-2001) after its  creation from the defunct Oshimili Local Government,   Ogbueshi Efianya was yesterday in Asaba celebrated by a group under the aegis of "Efianya Children" (Not his Biological Children nor his relations) to mark his good deeds, selfless services, massive Youths employment and courageous outings, and philanthropic services during his time as Council Chairman during his time as the Shocknaija News Online learnt that  he employed over 70 graduates of Oshimili South Youths in Oshimili South Local Government Council to reduce the problem of unemployment amongst youths in the locality as Executive Chairman.

This was disclosed to Newsmen yesterday being 31st March, 2020 at Ogbueshi Efianya's   residence, Umuagu Quarters,  Adjercent SLOT, Nnebisi Road,   Asaba, Delta State,  the group under the aegis of "Efianya Children" Celebrated him and  appreciated his  good deeds of removing them from the street while roaming and roasting as unemployed youths in the state.

Ogbueshi Efianya who became the first Executive Chairman in Oshimili South after the creation of two local Councils from the them Oshimili Local Government Area where he served his locality by ensuring that the youths  gets employment despite some setbacks, resistances which bothers on poor revenue to have embarked on Youth employment opportunities then.

A member of  group, who doubled as the current Chairman, National Union Of Local Government employees(NULGE), Comrade Kennedy Oyana told our reporter on inquiry into while the group name caries Efianya, he stated that actually the members of the group are not his Biological Children nor his relations but the Oshimili South Local Government officials he employed during his tenure as Local Government Council Chairman between this short period of time (1999-2001) to reduce unemployment opportunities amongst youths in the locality.

 Ogbueshi Efianya in an interview with our reporter said that,  he developed a life of selfless service, support for the younger generation and service to humanity knowing that tomorrow is too big, he then  thanked  the Local Government officials, the entire members of the group  that came in their large numbers to celebrate him, appreciate his legacy he left in the locality, the Youths he employed during his time  for remembering him while he is still alive.

The Political ICON, Efianya stated that the gratitude, appreciation and celebration done to him is a welcome development as the officials came with gifts, thanksgiving and fully loaded baskets  and prayers like what happened in the book of Kings when the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon in the book of First Kings.

In his words: "One is that God will bless them. God will bless their motivations. My colleagues should emulate the terrain that I have passed. God will bless the future of this officials. God will bless them in every of their endeavor and they will rise more and more in ranks, positions in their civil service career that is my prayers".

He then advised the employees in his own time to be focused in all they do, God should be their infinite believe in all they do,  be people of one mind, and know that they cannot do without the people, and that the local government exists as a result of them.

He then used the opportunity and enjoined the present Executive Chairman, Oshimili South Local Government Council, Comrade Uche Osadebe to always think of the future of the local government because if their is no Oshimili South the people will perish, that is meaning that indigenes' welfare and, local content should be his watchword.

 Hon. Ogbueshi Efianya stated that since he left the council in earlier 2000s having not finished his mission and vision for his people, that his advice is that Government should be considerate in all matters affecting the Citizens, while advising the people, masses, citizens to also play their Civic roles towards Sustainable Development of their locality.

Some of the observers in that occasion at Ogbueshi Efianya's  residence, who was  the first Local Government Council Chairman in Oshimili South Commended the Council officials on their visits, celebration of the political ICON of the 21st Century on the gestures, gifts presented to their mentor, father, political leader to have reduced youth unemployment in this present generation.

The wife of Ogbuefi Efianya, Mrs Efianya and some of the non- indigenes attested to the leadership qualities of the former lecturer, FECOTECH and erstwhile outstanding Executive Chairman, OSLGC profiling his non- segregational, Non- ethnicity, Non- sentimental approaches to matters, issues and People around him.

"He pays the school fees of some other people's children before that of his Biological Children. This our house was and till date is for everyone in the Local Government", Efianya's Wife stated.

No doubt, Shocknaija News Online attested to the above fact then concluded that Ogbueshi Efianya is the most lively ex- Executive Chairmen, political legend, philanthropist ever produced in Nigeria judging from his accomplishments within a space of one year in terms of Youths employment opportunities in the local government in his tenure(1999-2001).

A group under the aegis,  Voice of Aniocha/ Oshimili People (VAOP) has Commended the kind gestures of the Local Government officials and the Leadership qualities of Ogbueshi Efianya and enjoined the 4 Local Government Council Chairmen in Aniocha/ Oshimili Federal Constituency to emulate Efianya's political foot prints.

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