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UNESCO Laureate, Resigns As VC, Crown University College, Accra, Appointed VC, CUICI.

 Crown University International Chartered Incorporation, Argentina, Americas and Other Partner Campuses remains autonomous, retains a separate entity as Crown University College, Accra, Ghana declines merger with former.

 ..... UNESCO Laureate, Professor Bashiru said he resigned to invest both time, resources and technical know-how on his founded University, Crown University International Chartered Incorporation, Argentina, Americas and other Partner Campuses Worldwide as a global Educationist, VC.

 ....Brief the media  that Crown University International Chartered Incorporation is a different University not the same as Crown University College, Accra, Ghana.

..... Prof Aremu alleges that the Chancellor of Crown University College, Accra, Ghana, Dr. King S.D Bashiesochang refuses his sincere move to get the University accredited  in line with the Chancellor's  Ghanaian laws, Higher Education policies.

...The Former VC  of CUC, Accra Ghana,  Prof Aremu, a Nigerian stated that the the Chancellor of CUC, Accra, Ghana, Dr. King S.D Bashiesochang refuses the initial arrangements to Merge his University, Crown University International Chartered Incorporation with the former.

...Prof Aremu says the  Chancellor's lack of understanding on the imperatives of getting Crown University College Accra Ghana accredited with National Accreditation Board Ghana, aside  the  institution's Registration  with Ghanaian Ministry of Education, that made him resigned.
.... UNESCO Laureate alleges  that the Chancellor impersonated one of his Institutions,  West Coast University International Chartered Incorporation, and  dubiously collected some money from some Students in Nigeria without his knowledge, which made him resigned to avoid denting his name.

... Professor Aremu stated that  he cannot work with visionless Chancellor as Dr. King S.D plans to decimate Prof  Aremu's vision and mission for a new University with global acceptance.

... Crown University International Chartered Incorporation VC, UNESCO Laureate,  Prof Bashiru Aremu is a United Nations Peace Ambassador. 

... Professor Aremu then  resumes as  the first and new VC of Crown University International Chartered Incorporation  (Argentina, Americas, and other  affiliated campuses Worldwide) is registered and globally accredited as a full fledged, private International University on its own.

By Victor Bieni

 OSHOGBO- OSUN STATE- NIGERIA- UNESCO Laureate, and World Distinguished Professor of Information Communication Technology Professor Sir Bashiri Aremu has resigned his appointment  as the VC, Crown University College, Accra,  Ghana and resume as the VC, Crown University International Chartered Incorporation (Argentina Americas and other affiliated campuses Worldwide)- as the Chancellor of his former University refuses merger with Aremu's new University so as  to promote World-class quality,  Sustainable Development higher education around the globe, and other weighty issues that he alleged his Ghanaiain Chancellor, Dr. King S.D Bashiesochang goofed.

The UNESCO Laureate, and the current Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Incorporation, Professor SirBashiru Aremu disclosed this to the global online media today while fielding questions from some group of Journalists  on the reasons for his resignation in his former Institution, stated that his former Chancellor who ones agreed for merger later declined that as a man of Peace he decided to  forge-ahead with his own vision and mission rather than being deceived.

Professor Bashiru Aremu 
who uses the opportunity to  thank the entire University Management for their Support and Corporation in all his  stay as the VC - International Affairs, Crown University College, Accra, Ghana, where he  was Appointed as VC on 23rd January, 2017, and he  voluntarily resigned as VC recently on 18th March, 2020 from the University.

In his words: "The Appointment i accepted with utmost desire to affect a positive change to put the Institution in the global map of quality Education, which is in line with Ghana Law or University Policy with focus on research, and other duties, higher responsibility as assigned to me therein".

"For the past three years of this journey,  I have proven competency, shown sense of Commitments, responsibility and probability in trying to effect a positive change, bringing innovations by upholding ethical standards."

"No doubt,  I have worked towards the reinforcement of the University's reputation as a way to accomplishing the main tasks as assigned to me, though no payment or salary whatsoever nor remuneration was given to me as pay back to the entire commitments,  efforts made  so far".

"To this end, it has become expedient for me to relief myself some numerous task, or appointment so as to further upgrade, expand, explore more on knowledge, work experience, Commitments for  outstanding and inspiring Leadership".

"As part of my task, while in Crown University College, Accra, Ghana I made several efforts to  convince you as the Chancellor/CEO/President of the Institution that the ugly memory that made the students to lack global aspirations, and other quest for quality Higher Education, which I represents".

 "My continuous agitation before you made a decision without my knowledge and made the University a Non- Living thing, that  is you made the University to remain redundant,  total lockdown,  non-functional as unaccredited University as part of students' complaints which I intended to address though it wasn't communicated to me  initially by you".

 "But I felt it was one of those task to be addressed, which you vehemently resisted, and continuously held to your opinion on the Institution's genuine accreditation". 

"To this end, other reasons why am no longer interested in your offer again are stated as follows: 
Firstly, some months ago one of my old student, a Rev. Sister Egbedike Oluchi came to Ghana and confirm to me that there is nothing call Crown University College again at Ghana as he  claim. She further told me that the school is in total lockdown that it doesn't exist anymore. I have to personally put up a call you to confirm, which he  did said yes. You equally told me that you have relocated the school another place without my knowledge, you didn't consulting me as the Vice Chancellor of the school, Crown University College then".

"Further investigation by the same Rev. Sister Egbedike Oluchi revealed that Crown University College, was not on Accreditation list of National Accreditation Board (NAB) of Ghana, through her inquiry from National Accreditation Board of Ghana (NAB) and other Education Authorities. This is one of the ugly development I made move to solve, but you resisted it by saying that everything was alright".

"Secondly, you continued to maintain instability despite my warning, you kept to change the school addresses in more than two different times now in two different places which is not well clear to me, by bringing the confusion to me till, and your attitude became suspicious to me. He  did all this relocation without my knowledge as the VC of the school".

"Thirdly, His  Institution also lacked Unstable school website and there is no development, since the time have been appointed as Vice Chancellor, Crown University College, the school website is not stable for once and have sent my complainants several times to him on that sad Development he kept saying I should allow it to remain so, which is not a good development for an educational institution of that nature, and also may lead to suspicion by unsuspected, innocent students".

"Fourthly, I also made efforts to remedy the situation as a Computer Scientist, he refused, he stated that he wanted his website to remain the way it was. All this I allowed to remain the way he wanted it.  your altitude towards me simply because I put up strong  efforts to make this school to stand well, were proved abortive because of your unbecoming attitude towards me despite the fact that I have been  working for the progress of the school for  more than 3years ago now without receiving any salary, wages for all my work for the school. I equally spent a lot of money from my own pocket for media, publications to publicize the University, designing of school posters, flyers, and so on for the school advertisement severally without any financial support from you".

"Fifthly, was well briefed on how he had been using my names to defraud people in Nigeria. I have the documentary evidence of one Mr. Micheal Isiaka, the Director of Studies, Eternal Life Education Consult, Ibadan, Oyo State. The CEO of Crown University College Accra Ghana,  impersonated West Coast University,  the school which  currently the Vice President of the Institution to dent my image, that he dubiously collected a huge sum of Six Hundred  and Forty Three Thousand Naira (#643,00.00), from nine innocent MSc Students in my country  here in Nigeria that reported him to me that, he duped them, that he  collected the Sum of  Seventy thousand naira  (#70,000.00) each from nine students in the name of on the Institution that am currently the Vice President "West coast University International Chartered Incorporation",  without awarding  certificates  to them or making refunds to them. And he  deceived them with Convocation Ceremony, which he made them to attend in Ghana on 8th December, 2018".

"Sixthly, As the Vice President of the University, I, UNESCO Laureate ,Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu was not on the know of what transpired between him and Mr. Michael who wrote me to inform me  of his  fraudulent activities to have  defrauded  students in Nigeria as the money was collected by him personally. West Coast University never collected that kind of amount from any person ever since time of her operation, which is very ridiculous to dent the image and standard of the school".

"Seventhly,  he did all these without my knowledge neither did he  inform any of  the principal officers of West Coast University International Chartered Incorporation,  he was doing this on isolation showing  his  fraudulent and criminal behavior, altitude", the Former VC, Crown University College , Accra Ghana emphasized.

 "Even though I kept silent on this issue, he  should be aware that the letter Mr. Michael Isiaka wrote to me complaining about my former Chancellor's dubious attitude, which the document is still intact with me here as a means of evidence", the first and new VC, Crown University International Chartered Incorporation stated.

"Number eight, his  Institution's instability and confusion about changes of the school name. How is it that  the School is  bearing "Crown University college" and later he said it is: "Bachiesichang Royal college of Health Science?", the above confusion he brought  into  the business meant that he  is  not reliable", UNESCO Laureate stated.

 "Number nine, I can no longer condone his  criminal tendencies as a honest, global figure, transparent and responsible VC. We all know that Crown University College is the name that is what  many people is familiar with it", World Distinguished Professor of ICT stated. 

"Number ten, on account of all this, this is a clear evidence that,  he, my former Chancellor is  not reliable, having seen all his fraudulent and criminal intents. Because  I can't be the part of these itemized criminality, which he was part of,  that is  why I decided to resign Honorably  as a Vice Chancellor, Crown University College, Accra,  Ghana. And hence no benefits is attached to it, since the time have been working for him. I then decided to end the agreement", he added.

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