Sunday, May 3, 2020

Alleged CUPP Merger With PDP: Delta ADC Chairman, Prince Joe Chukwu To CUPP National Spokesperson, Your Agenda Is Full Of Juvenile deliquency And Moral decadency, Says CUPP is The Brain Child Of ADC, That Party Not Part Of The Move..

Alleged Plan For CUPP Merger With PDP: Delta ADC Chairman, Prince Joe Chukwu To CUPP National Spokesperson, Ugochinyere, Your Agenda Is Full Of Juvenile Deliquency And Moral Decadency, ADC Not Part Of The Purported Merger With PDP, Says CUPP Brain Child Of ADC.

....As Delta ADC Boss, Prince Joe Chukwu, who doubled as the Chairman of all Chairmen, ADC Nigeria says CUPP is the brain Child Of ADC Nigeria.

....says CUPP was formed to act  as a Special  Purpose Vehicle for that elections

By Victor Bieni

ASABA- The Leadership of African Democratic Congress (ADC) led by its Chairman, Hon Prince Joe Chukwu has responded to the purported publications recently credited to the National Publicity Secretary of Coalitions of United Political Parties (CUPP) in Nigeria, Chief Ugochinyere in the New Telegraph Newspaper on the Caption:"Plans Underway For CUPP Merger With PDP", as he asked the, Deltans, Nigerians and the general public to disregard the talk, that ADC is not part of the Purported move.

Prince Joe Chukwu disclosed this to our reporter today in a press release made available to Newsmen in Asaba Delta State Capital Stated that the statement credited to Chief Ugochinyere is nothing but figments of imagination of a rable rouser, and a juvenile propaganda with no address.

The press statement reads in parts:"Concerning the Purported CUPP and PDP merger. The statements in that Publications, there is no truth in it, I wonder who sent him.  Ugochinyere is  mischievous and he is just being tolerated, but trying to promote a decadent agenda is now too much".

"Mark you CUPP is not a Party platform but a group of member political parties that came together for the purpose of electing one candidate amongst its various contestants in each of the positions for the 2019 general elections".

"Unfortunately, the body was not well managed. As a result, the parties under CUPP that were supposed to present joint candidates for all the positions ended up presenting different candidates except that of  the Presidential Candidate. CUPP was formed to act as a special purpose vehicle for that election.
. Parties including  ADC   have moved on".

 "That arrangement remains like a sour grape, no doubt,  to many of the parties that participated. A major development which I am not in the position to disclose to you  here will unfold soon".

" ADC and many of the parties have gone beyond any such analogue arrangement. I will say just wait and see, it is a digital age now. Just wait and see".

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