Sunday, May 3, 2020

Covid-19 Daily Increase: UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu To FGN, NCDC, Citizens, Learn From History, Millions Of Nigerians, Africans Lost Their Lives In Spanish Flu Of 1918.

By Victor Bieni

UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu has cautioned that Federal Government, Nigeria Centre For Disease Control and Nigerian Citizens should take proactive measures towards providing lasting solutions to the global Pandemic disease, that many, millions of Nigerians, Africans lost their lives in the outbreaks of  the Spanish Flu (1918, which he said lasted  for 2 years (Jan. 1918 to Dec. 1920).

In a Press Statement made available to Newsmen today by the World Distinguished Professor of Information and Communication Technology he narrated the the incidence in bits.

  In his words: "Infected were put at 500 million worldwide. Those  Killed were put at50 million worldwide.The first wave killed were put at about 3 million".

"Restrictions were relaxed and the second wave came. The second wave did the real damage. Wiped out close to 50 million (est).  Nigeria escaped the first wave but was caught in the second wave as the virus arrived by sea in Sept. 1918".

"Nigeria's population then was +-18 million and between 50-80% of the population were infected. 500,000 Nigerians were killed. Sadly, many people doubted the virus during the first wave and didn't take it as serious".

According to UNESCO Laureate, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu, let us not be relaxed as we are seeing the same in Nigeria in 2020 concerning Covid-19.

"Lockdown and quarantine efforts were prematurely relaxed in 1918 perhaps due to the war and people's agitation. We are seeing agitations in 2020 in Nigeria concerning Covid-19".

"The colonial gov't was probably more responsible than the current government (Fed. States, Local) in Nigeria, yet so many Nigerians died in 1918".

"In pandemics such as the one in 1918 and the current Covid-19, body count becomes uncontrollable when the rate of infection escalates and medical resources become overwhelmed".

"We are beginning to see such escalation now as Covid-19 penetrates deeper into communities and community acquired infections increase".

" The threat of hunger is real, but to relax restrictions when the rate of infection is ascending instead of receding portends greater danger".

"Nigerians are advised to learn from history, self regulate and comply with Preventive Instructions to avoid unimaginable Covid-19 casualties.
 Covid-19 is real. Stay home. Stay safe".

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  1. Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu is perfectly right hence we are bound to learn from history to secure our future.