Saturday, May 9, 2020

DCI Worldwide To Gov. Okowa's EAC Latimore, "You Are Doing Your Job, But Listen To CEPEJ's Boss To Learn From Him".

......DCI Worldwide says Comrade Mulade is the Voice of the Voiceless in the Niger Delta, and his comments are always a wake up call to the Delta State Government towards achieving
sustainable development.

.....DCI says Chief Mulade is a grassroots activist very close to Deltans and he is excellent in community-based research.

....DCI says Mulade's critique of NBS' Report was to relate it to the present economic realities, and also to ginger Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to put more efforts in the socio-economic development of Delta State.

.....DCI says Covid-19 palliatives are enough empirical evidences which indicated that Delta State Government needed to work harder to justify the NBS' Rating of Delta as the second richest State in Nigeria.

....DCI asks Latimore to apologize to Chief Sheriff Mulade, as his (Latimore's) sychophancy around the Governor will not help him and other Deltans.

By  Victor Bieni

ASABA- The Founder/Executive Director, Delta Cultural Initiative, DCI Worldwide, Sir Bieni Victor Emenike says the Executive Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Communications, Barr. Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe goofed by failing to learn from the recent comments of a human rights activist, Comrade Sheriff Mulade,  on NBS' Report on Delta State as regard poverty index ranking.

In a press statement made available to newsmen in Asaba the Delta State Capital, Comrade Bieni urged Barr. Latimore to apologize to Deltans for asking Comrade (Chief) Sheriff Mulade of CEPEJ to produce empirical evidence to justify his critique of the report of the NBS.

The DCI Boss stated that there are vital lessons which Deltans, the unemployed, oppressed citizens, the Delta State Government and the National Bureau of Statistics as well as Government officials should learn from the activities of CEPEJ as a reputable Peace and  Justice Advocacy NGO that has no political agenda.

Referring to Barrister Latimore's statement that Mulade goofed for doubting or questioning the credibility of the NBS rating purportedly arrived at after a so-called rigorous university standard research process, Sir Bieni argued that Barr. Latimore's outburst was uncalled for since investigations from the grassroots  populace in Delta State produced results that made it crystal clear that CEPEJ is well grounded in traditionally based research methodology, and that it is closer to the people, knows the plight of the downtrodden and the challenges facing various communities in the State more than the NBS or any Government official.

Comrade Bieni therefore charged Dr. Latimore to advise the NBS to conduct a community based research on the Covid-19 palliatives in Delta State, instead of sitting in far away Abuja relying on data from questionable sources for its so-called empirical results and findings.

He said Latimore was not too far from the truth in his claim that Delta State Government achieved remarkable feats in eradicating poverty through result oriented policies and programmes, as well as sustained job and wealth creation initiatives which drew commendations and partial funding for YAGEP and STEP programmes by Central Bank of Nigeria, the Tony Elumelu Foundation and the World Bank. 

Sir Bieni, a USAID Global Starnet and United Nations Endorsed Activist however said it is not enough to rate Delta as the second richest State in Nigeria but that the economic realities should be attested to by the citizenry, adding that gone were the days when we deceived the populace with grammar, and things were placed in the media without the physical evidences of the development that positively impact on the lives of the common man.

According to the Activist, Barr. Latimore's rating of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa's   industrial revolutions in the State is shared by many, but asserted that the State Government has a lot to learn from constructive critisms from NGOs such as the CEPEJ whose Leader is an activist. He said Dr. Latimore was free to do his job by defending his master, while CEPEJ has the right as a watchdog and the people's voice to criticize constructively as it has done in this case.

While commending Comrade Mulade, and CEPEJ, a reputable United Nations endorsed  Peace Advocacy NGO worldwide, Sir Bieni said CEPEJ has played and will continue to play the role of a reliable and an unbiased umpire and the watchdog of the society towards achieving sustainable development in Nigeria.

He added that CEPEJ's comments were not to discredit Governor Ifeanyi Okowa's developmental strides in the State, but that  Mulade's critique rested on community based research, in line with long term advocacy to move Delta State forward. He said Latimore's outburst was narrow minded and highly opinionated, while  the NBS' Report was an academic exercise done by the Federal Govt, whose intellectual sentiments should not be forced on Deltans at the grassroots because they know the true position of things and are in full support for CEPEJ's development works in the State.

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