Friday, May 1, 2020

Lazy People Uses China's Name To Earn Popularity- Activist

By Victor Bieni

ABUJA- Global icon of ‘thinking out of the box’ and development consultant, Dr. Barika Dominic Saro-Laka says the intelligentsia class and CSO community in Nigeria have been seriously embarrassed by the way some professionals and jobbers use the unfortunate incident of COVID- 19 pandemic that first attacked Wuhan City in China to expose their myopic points and stupidity in the media.

The fiery human rights activist made the declaration today when journalists visited his office in Abuja.
He regretted that some people could be so weak and callous in thinking, and have such low level of conscience on a global issue of public health crisis like the Corona Virus pandemic.

Continuing, he said such agents of China’s progress were lazy and bias, and they have the sinister motive of trying to defraud President Xi Jinping, stressing that their ploy would hit the rocks.

 ‘’The Chinese President has high faculty and sensitivity of reasoning and discernment so it is advisable for these indolent elements to look elsewhere for fraudulent and despicable activities‘’, the activist advised.

Dr. Saro- Laka, a prominent activist in the Niger Delta region and international freedom fighter added that no tactics or spurious campaign would intimidate China to path with money for lazy agents and their secret sponsors.

 He queried: ‘’Where were this bunch of liars who are calling for the crucifixion of China when Bird Flu, Lassa Fever and Ebola that first attacked people and killed millions of people and birds in other countries in the past? Malaria is also a killer disease, so why are they not crucifying themselves when they catch the disease?

 Why didn’t they demand baseless compensation or raise dead-on-arrival law suits those countries that first observed these killer epidemics in the past years? Why didn’t they call for the heads of other citizens who had the unfortunate incidence of first witnessing other infectious diseases some decades past?

He pleaded with President Xi Jinping to ignore the jobbers and continue to use his heart of gold in helping the economic development and stability of the world while offering his workable strategies that led to the early crushing of the violent pandemic from China to the rest of the world.

Dr. Saro-Laka also advised those recruited for the ‘’Crucify China’’ and “Enough is Enough Petition Campaign Against President Xi Jinping’’ to abandon such projects and look for decent jobs to do as such deceitful activities cannot aid them to dupe China.

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