Monday, May 18, 2020

Tame Wike's Impunity To Save Citizens- Activist, Dr. Saro- Laka Dominic

ABUJA- The international president of Freedom Fighters International (FFI), USA, Professor Kakings Batchtomanks, says in order to tame the excesses of Mr. Nyesom Wike who is the incumbent Government of Rivers State.

Speaking during a visit to the African Coordinator of FFI, Dr. Dominic Saro-Laka in Abuja, Batchtomanks said Wike was acting like a wild dog fed with banned leaves, explaining that the video footage of the destruction of two hotels in Eleme and Onne is deplorable and a sheer act of madness.

 According to the activist, if an establishment breaks rules, what the law prescribed, which is fine should be applied, but Wike has committed an offence that should attract social disobedience and his removal as governor.
The learned scholar advised Buhari to be alert to his responsibilities and be bold to tame tripod emperors that are acting in the true colour of as iconoclasts. “Nigeria needs a steely president for its survival and for laws to be respected by all. You can’t have mad person as Governor and the people would be safe”, he stressed.

 He directed the African coordinator to compile a report on the impunity of Wike in the name of fighting COVID-19, investigate the level of hardship and deaths caused by his irrationalities and to apply for Police permit and lead a peaceful protest against Wike in Port Harcourt.

 Prof. Batchtomanks also advised Buhari to borrow a cue from ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo who tamed the excesses of two former Governors in Nigeria when they acted against the law. 

Continuing, the FFI boss noted that President Buhari’s alleged weakness and lack of courage as a leader might have given Wike impetus to act in the brazen manner he did by destroying people’s investments in a reckless manner. He added that justice would be pursued for those hotels to be re-built with his personal resources.

Professor Batchtomanks also expressed the fear that if Wike’s act is allowed to go unchallenged, he could take the next wicked step of ordering his perceived political enemies to be butchered at will and attach phantom crimes to their names in order to justify their execution.
 As it is now, “Nigeria is fast snowballing into a lawless clime for a sitting Governor to act in this barbaric manner and yet he has not been eased out of the seat uptil now,” the activist lamented.

The FFI boss also directed Dr. Saro-Laka to forward a report on the excesses of Wike by 29th May, 2020 to enable the organisation interview the victims and some witnesses at the scenes of the destruction for filing a lawsuit against Mr. Nyesom Wike at the International Criminal Court at The    Hague so that he pays damages and compensation.

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