Sunday, May 17, 2020

Why Nigeria Rejects The Controversial 5G Network- UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu.

....As groups,  #NigeriansReject5GNetwork and Nigerian Institute of Physics differ on the imperatives of the idea.

By Victor Bieni

UNESCO Laureate, World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor of information Communication Technology (ICT), Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu has exposed some of the fears of some notable groups, Nigerians that frowned at the birth of 5G Network  Technology in the country, perhaps the entire globe.

 UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu disclosed this to our reporter today in an exclusive interview with some group of Journalists on why he thinks that Nigerians are not in support of the 5G Network Technology in the country and some other parts of the World.

UNESCO Laureate stated the general belief of some notable Nigerians, and advocacy line of a  groups under the aegis of "#NigeriansReject5G" led by its Chairman, and  Fellow of Board of Trustees, Crown University International Chartered Inc., Prof Sir. Tee Mac Iseli who  is a Professor at Crown University Int'l Chartered Inc and Bradley University USA with his Secretary Tony Nwakalor said that 5G Network will have some negative effects on the health of Nigerians if allowed to be installed.                                               

According to UNESCO Laureate  #NigeriansReject5G is a group of concerned citizens who have come together to lobby the Nigerian authorities, about the potential dangers to the health of its citizens, with regards to the radiations of a planned rollout of 5G networks by major Telecom Operators in Nigeria.

UNESCO Laureate, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu quoted the recent statements by the Secretary of the  group that: "We stand together with more than 240 Scientists and Doctors from 42 countries who have signed a letter asking the United Nations to place a moratorium on implementing 5G globally until more concrete research has been completed".

"The Experts are concerned that radiations emitted by 5G network pose a health risk".

"We are therefore requesting as members of #NigeriansReject5G, that the Federal Government of Nigeria suspends any further negotiations, preparations on the rollout of 5G network until they have conducted proper studies into the short and long-term health and environmental implications, according to international standards and norms; and, not before they make those studies public for third parties to read and to verify".

Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu stated that it is not the aim of the group to deny Nigeria technological developments, rather that their  aim is to preserve the health of the people, animals and the environment in Nigeria.

The World Acclaimed ICT Professor Stated that the group is fully  aware that the Telecoms companies have big budgets to buy questionable testimonials.

UNESCO Laureate also share information on some other notable Nigerians, groups may have had different view on the negative effects of 5G Network, apart from his own recent narrative on 'all that the World need to know about 5G Network' that went viral in the media, he  quoted  according to the President, Nigerian Institute of Physics (NIP),  Professor Hycienth Ogbu Aboh, who said that "the  Institute does not believe that wireless communication of whatever generation now or in the nearest future was exposing mankind to any more radiation energy".

According to UNESCO Laureate, NIP Boss said, “We do not in particular believe that the low energy packets and intensity from 5G antennas will transform to an aggregate of DNA molecules that constitute the Coronavirus as being peddled currently’’.

He noted further that this  is the standard position by the 5G advocates/promoters to ridicule the opposition.

Speaking further, UNESCO Laureate quoted some other statements made by the Chairman, #NigeriansReject5G, who said: "We are not saying that the Coronavirus pandemic was created by 5G".

"What we are saying is that we have accumulated scientific evidence that in all the cities and countries where there is a 5G network more people are dying of the Coronavirus! People are also dying of other illnesses, due to the collapse of their immune system, UNESCO Laureate quoted the group's Leadership. 

The World Acclaimed Distinguished ICT Professor and member Board Cambridge Scholars Publishing at Cambridge England,UK, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu  also quoted NIP Boss, Prof. Aboh who stated that: "The institute is fully aware that any technological innovation is a product of rigorous scientific research and that before any technology is deployed for public consumption, adequate studies on its short and long-term health and environmental implications must have been conducted by relevant competent authorities.’’

He added that, Prof Sir. Tee Mac Iseli who is the Chairman alongside his Secretary was quoted to have said that "Well, #NigeriansReject5G have obtained a video tape and a transcript from a senate hearing in the USA, where the representatives of the 5G promoters/financiers admitted, that they have no budget allocated to them to do those long-term health and environmental implications studies. Also the President of NIP, Prof. Hycenth Ogbu Aboh has not responded to our request to back up his statement with the conducted studies by the relevant competent authorities according to communication of UN Body.

 UNESCO Laureate who commended  #NigeriansReject5G Network as the   group is fully committed to its statements that "it shall deploy all legitimate means to ensure that the health and wellbeing of the Nigerian people is paramount going forward".

Also that, "No more shall merchants of death prey on our citizens with impunity. So help us God".

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