Saturday, June 27, 2020

Core Delta Youth Frowns At The False Report Issued By The Media About The Delta State Permanent Sectetary, Government House.

A formidable political youth group in Delta State, Core Delta Youth whose core value is commitment to 'good governance' has called on all to discard the rumours spreading about the #43.4m scandal for the renovation and electrical maintenance work of the VVIP Guest House leveled on Sir Eddy Ogidi-Gbegbaje, Permanent Secretary, Delta State Government House and Protocol.

The group's Coordinator, Uyero Ewarawewho Junior, after the online meeting with the executive of the group, dropped a press release stating that the said report was the plan of some no good individuals whose aim and purpose was to tarnish the good reputation already built by the PS Government House.

Uyero noted that the report was purported to dent the prestigious image of an innocent man who is dedicated to his work while achieving the agenda of Governor Okowa, that he does this tirelessly. In his own words, "Everyone knows him as a diligent and upright man".

" To be honest, I didn't know that a Journalist and a media house would actually send in and publish such untrue writeup in Sahara Reporters after calling to help verify it. It came as shock to all Exco of the group. I have always  thought one key function of a journalist is to publish verifiable information and not go about being mislead by little change gotten from messengers of doom".

He affirmed that releasing such official documents to the public was intentionally to create a huge scandal between the Government and the public thereby soiling the good reputation already built by the Permanent Secretary.

" I know for sure God will judge the perpetuators because its bad to play such stunt because of what one would eat today. If you go through that report, you will see its a clear case of evil men at work. Even when they called the PS for his own take on the matter, he only said 'that's interesting, please carry out your proper investigation properly', meaning he is a man who will not succumb to threats, be wavered by anything he is not aware off. Also, he is a man of few words who is never ready to conspire or dent his image which he has built for many years. The junk journalist should have done a concrete investigation before publishing such report" he added.

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