Friday, June 12, 2020

Democracy Day: BOOT Party Celebrates Nigerians, As Its National Chairman, Mr. Sunday Adenuga Calls For Sober Reflection, Says The Co-operative-like Political Leadership System Best For One Working Nigeria.

 ......As BOOT Party National Chairman, Mr. Sunday Adenuga, Says the Co-operative-like Political Leadership System Best For One Working Nigeria.

By Victor Bieni

ABUJA -The National Chairman, Because Of Our Tomorrow Party ( BOOT Party),  Comrade Sunday Adenuga has Celebrated with Nigerians as its Citizens  in the entire 36 States of the Federation marked her Democracy Day  today being June 12th, 2020.

The ICT Expert and Management Consultant, Mr Sunday Adenuga,  while Commending the heroes of Democracy like Late MKO Abiola, Presidency and Nigerian Citizens on the significance  disclosed this to Newsmen in a press statement made available to Newsmen in his office at  Abuja, FCT, Nigeria calls for sober reflection on strengthening Democracy, Nigerian political leadership and Institutions.

He said that Nigeria since its returned to Democratic Governance  1999 till date is yet to provide the needed political leadership to her Citizenry that will Foster rapid Socio-economic development, promote unity, progress, peace and one working Nigeria.

In his words: "Democracy by layman's knowledge is the Government of the people by the people and for the people. We are yet to see this even in our electoral processes. We therefore use this medium to urge the Nigerian leaders for a reform and start the  restructuring of our political systems, country for all round development".

"BOOT Party- Because of Our Tomorrow Party is the best Solutions for Nigerians. A new Nigerian Co-operative-like Political  Leadership System, driven by Technology. Our ultmost believe is anchored on: Fiduciary Obedience and Service. When we Collaborate we have unity and faith, peace and progress, Nigeria together. We bring back Nigerian dreams".

"BOOT Party remains the hope of tomorrow with Excellent examples  of true Democracy, with a breath of fresh air, vision and determination to redeem Nigeria. We promised Nigerians as part of our political ideologies to break the Corruption chain, that is fight against Corruption, restructure the National processes, invest in power, job creation through renewable energy".

"We will engage the Youths in Sports, and Techonogy incubation, solid Education system, welfare of States,  Housing and Health care,  creates an Economy that works for all Nigerians, one working Nigeria of our dreams", Mr. Sunday Adenuga added.

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