Thursday, June 11, 2020

Dr. Princess Rachael Adefunke Wellington Urges Government To Act Fast Against The Alarming Cases Of Rape In The Country

Dr. Princess Rachael Adefunke Wellington calls' on the government to act fast against the alarming rape cases in Nigeria.

Prince Adefunke who is a Nigerian/American born to a very powerful Royal Family in Nigeria, highly educated and a business guru who had visited all the countries in the world including but limited to the USA, ISRAEL ETC made the call today while speaking with our correspondent in Abuja via an electronic interview.

Dr. Rachael is the first woman Airline operator in Africa, saddled with the lifting of essential commodities for the apex bank with her aircrafts through her Airline company, TRANS AFRICA WORLD AIRLINE.

She is also the founder, CHILDREN PALM CITY FOUNDATION, aimed at giving scholarships to girls and boys-children and the aged worldwide. However, the foundation is ready to give SCHOLARSHIPS TO TWO HUNDRED (200) CHILDREN IN EACH COUNTRY IN THE AFRICAN CONTINENT, ANY TIME SOON.

The first woman councilor in the then government of the western region of Nigeria representing Ondo province; the first woman banker and owner of Ilupeju Industrial community bank serving the rural community traders and farmers,  the General Overseer of the New Bethlehem Church in Nigeria, commended the government in its efforts in ensuring justice while she said the government can extremely do better than what it's doing now.

The owner of Wellington Refinery and Petrochemicals in the United States of America, speaking further, said Before now the offence of rape in Africa, especially Nigeria was an isolated occurrence. It transpired once in a while and when it did it was met with skepticism and surprise. Despite the fact that the offence carries a life term imprisonment, many of the rape cases, here in Nigeria has been swept under the carpet, particularly if you are a politician or a relative to a politician.

However, rape has a narrative that almost matched the record of man’s creation. It is on  that the
first recorded incidence of rape in the Bible was also in the Book of Genesis chapter one (1)
Indeed biblically,
rape was a constant feature among men and at a point, it was taken as a thing of shame not on
the victim but on the family of the master of the person raped.

In Nigeria, the offence of rape is a heinous offence and the drafters of the Criminal Code deemed it fit for life imprisonment
upon conviction.

Culturally, it is an offence which stands on the same pedestal with the offence of murder since a suspect accused of rape is expected to go into hiding while his people make
efforts to cleanse the shame on the face of the family of the rape victim. The unfortunate now is, despite all these, the offence of rape in Nigeria seems to be on the increase and the question on every lip is, what is the cause? Does it mean that the punishment stipulated for it in the extant laws is no longer heavy enough to deter would-be rapist or are there factors which seemingly offer more inducements for rape than the risk of its punishment? It goes without saying, therefore, that if the offence of rape will be on the increase instead of on the decline, assuredly, the legal system in
Africa is not doing what it is expected of.

She admonished mothers to handle their female children with all sense of cautiousness and secure them with close monitoring in other to scare away rapists who are on the look-out for victims.

In the same vein, she urged mothers to moderate the kind of dresses their grown-up female children put on as well as disengaging them from unsecured hawking and unnecessary intimacy with male gender neighbours, friends, artisans and individuals who are suspected to have a high libido.

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