Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ex-Liberian Minister Of Information Cultural Affairs And Tourism, Madam Louise Warmenmoah .M. Siaway Emerges Member, Board Of Trustees, Crown University Chartered Inc. As Approved By The Chancellor Of The Higher Institution, The Emir Of Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria.

.....UNESCO Laureate, CUICI VC,  Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu says Ex-Liberian Information, Culture And Tourism Minister is an Epitome of Creativity.

By Victor Bieni

UNESCO Laureate, Vice Chancellor Crown University Int'l Chartered Incorporation, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu has described the Ex-Liberian Minister of Information, Culture And Tourism,  Honorable Louise Warmenwoah McMillian Siaway as an Epitome of Creativity as she Emerges Member, Board of Trustees, Crown University Int'l Chartered Incorporation.

UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu disclosed this to our reporter today in a press statement made available to Newsmen by his personal Assistant on Media And Publicity, Sir Bieni Victor Emenike stated that Honourable Madam  Louise Warmenmoah. M who doubled as  Ambassador Visa For Music Liberia has through her creativity promoted music, cultural festival.

Professor Aremu noted that her Creativity and contributions to the growth and development of  Educational sector   has led to wider professional market for African and Middle-Eastern musical Industry and works for  the restructuring of the music sector, therefore had  improved visibility to artists in these regions and created an environment conducive to the creativity of the cultural and artistic sector.

The Press Statement reads in parts: "Honourable Louise's hardwork earned her Appointment in March 20, 2020 to the Liberia Marketing Association Board of Director and administrator for the board of directors. Also Appointed May 30, 2020 to the Board of Trustee at the PYJ Polytechnic University as a member of the board of Trustee".

"The Former Minister of Culture at the Ministry Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism is the  Founder and CEO of Sehwah Liberia Incorporated, a non-for-profit organization that promotes sustainable development, cultural heritage initiative and advocacy for women and children".

"Sehwah Liberia International group with its operating base in Liberia and Atlanta, Georgia USA promote sustainable development, trade and investment opportunity in Liberia and International".

" She Worked for Liberia Marketing Association as a consultant to negotiate business opportunity in the areas of import and export for the Liberian consumers and programs such as Waste Management, Storage and preservation of farm produce for marketing- Preservation of farm produce is one of the greatest problems facing farmers in Liberia".

"This is so because of the nature of farm to market produce (livestock or crops) which is their high perish ability. They are highly perishable because of their high moisture content which in turn promotes the activities of micro organisms which bring about spoilage".

"African Union Program, she served as a
Focal Person in Liberia for the National Structure for African Union, Academy of African Languages (ACALAN) program for Liberia".

"Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) appointed Louise W. McMillian Siaway as a consultant to negotiate on behalf of LMA. Created Banking system on site at all LMA facilities which had been an effective way to reduce poverty and improve social welfare by encouraging LMA members and most vulnerable marketers to participate in financial freedom".

"It establishes environmentally sound business principles in order to enhance income generation and entrepreneurship development and financial security".

"Implementation of this program had been an integral part of the LMA’s vision of inclusive growth as a long term strategy that will contribute directly to the LMA’s core agenda".

"In addition, this created an innovative instrument for poverty reduction and aims at building capacity of potential LMA member and community capacity building".

"Preparing Liberia for the first public library project. The mission of the National Public Library of Liberia is far reaching and deeply motivated. As a first repository for the Republic’s rich history, it will be a beacon of knowledge, unity and inspiration for all".

"Co-Chair on UNESCO  Indigeous Language policy for Africa. Steering Committee for the organization of the 2019 International  Year of the Indigeous languages. The Strategic policy  Documents of the 2019 International year of the Indigeous. Consolidated report on the implementation by the member States of the 2003 recommendation concerning the promotion and use of Multilingualism and Universal access to Cyberspace".

"Country Director
Women Let’s Talk Louder Organization head office  in Paris. Home for Gender Dirersity, inclusion and empowerment. Grow Together inspire change for women by women. Global organization to help women reach their full potential".

"Whether in government, or the private sector, Louise W. McMillian Siaway is a strong advocate for education, cultural heritage, women and children and empowering artists and ensure the development and promotion of sustainable skills, integration and respect for values, mutual understanding, peace and unity, social justice, and innovative capacity-building solutions for communities. She is passionate about protecting, preserving and safeguarding Liberia’s cultural heritage".

"Most recently, Mrs. McMillian Siaway was a 2017 general election candidate for the Liberian House of Representatives, Chair of female representative’s candidates for the Liberia 2017 general election, and worked with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) for Liberian Elections and Political Transitions program".

"In 2012, she was appointed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as the Minister of Culture in the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism. She held that position until 2017".

"Mrs. McMillian Siaway organized the African Cultural Renaissance Campaign in Liberia to popularize the African Union Charter for better understanding of this continental tool and promotion of National Consultation on deteriorating Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) for Strengthening Capacities to Safeguard ICH for Sustainable Development in Liberia".

"Mrs. McMillian Siaway prepared and submitted the documentations for Ratification of Seven UNESCO Conventions in the fields of culture and heritage: Tangible and Intangible heritage, Preventing the illicit import and export of cultural property, Diversity of cultural Expressions, World Heritage and Copyright of UNESCO Culture Conventions documentation were prepared and submitted to the President for onward submission to the Senate for ratification".

"She prepared The Liberia World Heritage initiative, prepared Liberia's tentative list of Cultural, Mixed and Natural sites as the touristic sites to be considered for placement on the World Heritage list".

"Mrs. McMillian Siaway is well-known in her community in Liberia and abroad as a member and advocate for various national and International organizations including the Sixth Region Diaspora caucus (SRDC),  Nimba Sisters and Nimba Women United for Peace and Reconciliation, African Immigrant Caucus of USA,ECOWAS Women Liberia, The Liberia Concern Women Development Association, Nmotegue Association Incorporated (NOAI), Emma Smith Foundation, and the Buu-Yao Development Association, Global Hope Home a 501(C ) non for profile organization in Atlanta, Georgia, United Nimba Citizens Council of America, The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), Atlanta Business women Association, Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce, Barrow County Chamber of Commerce,  Georgia Chamber of commerce and National Mortgage Association".

She was proud of her work as then Minister of Culture with The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Coordinator of United Nations Operations in Liberia to empower youth with the grand finale of its unique and very popular talent show, “A Star is Born”,

 “You Are A Star, Cultural Union of Liberia and Musician Union of Liberia.
The Beijing International Chinese College, School of International Studies on Culture and Technical Development recognized Mrs. McMillian Siaway with an Achievement Award for inspiring lives of leadership and purpose".

"Mrs. McMillian Siaway lived in Atlanta, Georgia United States America where she worked in the private sector for many years. She served as Branch Manager for the Just Mortgage Bank Inc., Founder and CEO of Global One Solutions Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to her career in mortgage banking, Mrs. McMillian Siaway was sales coordinator for international markets at Brighton-Best Corporation, in Atlanta for fifteen years".

"During her Banking career, Mrs. McMillian Siaway was recognized with numerous honors, including the prestigious Atlanta Women in Business Award and The Federal Housing Administration is a United States government agency for excellence in taking women from rental to property ownership.  She also received the Achievement Award in Business from Barrow County Chamber of Commerce, and the business of the year award from the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Distinguished award The World Grand Registrar International Chartered World Learned Society “Notable and Top Senior Advocate of Masses of the 21st Century (Golden Award) June 2019 in Nigeria for Africa".

"Mrs. McMillian Siaway, has a B.A. in Psychology from the Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia and has received executive education certificates from Beijing International Chinese College, School of International Studies on Culture and Technical Development and the University of Georgia for Leadership Development. She is also a licensed mortgage broker in the U.S. state of Georgia and Investment Banking".

" She had attended several INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES. Visa For Music Festivals- professional market for African and Middle-Eastern music’s works for  the restructuring of the music sector in order to offer a improved visibility to artists in these regions and an environment conducive to the creativity of the cultural and artistic sector November 19-25 2019".

"UNESCO Madrid, Spain  November 26-29 2019. 1st Workforce Resource Fair for the African Community in Maryland. Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus(SRDC) 12th Annual International Summit– Charleston, South Carolina  USA October 25-28 2019. African Union/ African World Heritage Rome, Italy October 2019 Cultural heritage protection. UNESCO Conference in Florence, Italy  October 2019. UNESCO - Culture of Peace  Angola September.   International Pan –African Conference Nigeria June 2019".

" Conferences-Theme: The Challenges of Growth and Sustainable Development in Africa. May 2019 Benin Workshop on Cultural Sector, The Operational and Planning Workshop for the Establishment of the Amharic, Arabic and Tamazight Vehicular Cross-Borders Language Commissions  which was held from 29 to 31 August 2019 in Addis Ababa, Federal Republic of Ethiopia.
The Governor's Office of Community Initiatives (GOCI) 1st Workforce Resource Fair for the African Community in Maryland  Governor's Commission on African Affairs, Workforce Development and Education.  AWIU Career Opportunities for International Relations and Impact. The Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives (GOCI)The 3rd Maryland Business Forum:
Prosper Africa & Maryland".

"A dialogue on strategies to leverage U.S. government trade and investment support. Services, to connect Maryland’s goods and services with buyers, suppliers, and investment opportunities in Africa. Prosper Africa Agencies include: U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. International Trade Administration, U.S. Small Business Administration, U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, 2019 African Union Conference on African Languages, UNESCO The Year of Indigenous in Addis Ababa".

"The sixty-third session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW63) at the United Nations Headquarter March 11-222019 New York
Commission on the Status of Women; CSW63 (2019) ... Addressing key gender data challenges through partnering with UN Women’s “Making Every Woman and Girl Count
African union - African Academy for Languages (ACALAN) Bamako, Mali May 2018. African Academy for Languages (ACALAN) Lome, Togo September 2018".

"African Union Commission General Conference 2018 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  February, 2018. African Academy of Languages Abidjan, Ivory Coast October 2018. UNESCO General Conference 2017 Paris, France. EU Illicit Trafficking of Culture objects 2016 Morocco. Culture Exchange in China 2014.  7th Ministers Conference of CODEPA, on the development of culture in West African countries. Niamey, Niger 2014. Culture Exchange in Egypt Drum Dialogue for Peace".

"She is a great writer. Writers/ Books Exhibitions Casablanca, Morocco by ECOWAS.
 UNESSCO General Conference 2017 Paris, France. UNESCO Culture of Peace 2016 Paris. UNESCO General Conference 2015, Paris, France. UNESCO The Sustainable Development Goals  China 2015. UNESCO World Heritage Forum 2015 Paris, France. UNESCO General Conference 2013- Paris. UNESCO Forum on Cultural Diversity 2013- Paris. UNESCO Culture of Peace  2013 March Angola".

" EU Forum on Museum and Preservation.  UNESCO Saudi Arabia Cultural Exchange. UNESCO Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Cultural Exchange. Doha, Qatar UNESCO. African Union - African Culture Renaissance cultural development, promotion of creative and cultural industries 2014".

"The Republic of Turkey Cultural Exchange. Florence, Italy UNESCO on culture preservation. ECOWAS cultural exchange. Mano River - strengthening economic development agendas of affected States; and ensuring restoration of basic missing Culture. Dakar, Senegal UNESCO conference on the Fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property with both cultural manager and Security (INTERPOL) 2012. Expo Africa 1975 to 2012 Atlanta, Georgia USA annual showcase of Products made in Africa at a trade shows".

Finally UNESCO Laureate Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu also commend the effort of Ex Liberia Minister, Madam Siaway for her promised to promote the Crown University Int'l Chartered Inc both for partnership and support to have campus in Liberia as well

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