Thursday, June 11, 2020

Rape Victims Suffer Psychological Trauma-Investigations- European Trained Film Maker/ Producer, Nollywood Actress, Vida Modelo Urges Stakeholders To Support Rape Victims, Avoid Stigmatization Of Victims, And Shielding Of Rapists, Or Culprits. The Founder/CEO, La Vida Foundation Says Religious Leaders Are In Good Position To Condemn Rape.

...Vida Modelo urges Stakeholders to support Rape Victims, avoid stigmatization of Victims, and shielding of Rapists, or Culprits.

....As La Vida Foundation CEO Says Religious Leaders  Are in Good Position to Condemn Rape.

By Victor Bieni

ASABA- European trained Filmaker/ Producer, and Founder/CEO of La Vida Foundation, Vida Modelo has said that  Victims of Rape, sexual, domestic violence, human trafficking suffer Psychological trauma, while stating that Religious Leaders are in good position to Condemn Rape in the society.

Vida Modelo disclosed this to our reporter today while fielding questions from Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba, Delta State capital stated that rape victims need not be stigmatized.

She stated futher that Stakeholders, should support the society in ensuring that rapists are brought to book and not been a tool by helping to shield perpetrators of such evil acts.

In her words: "Is not only Girls or Women that can be raped, boys can also be a victim.
Rape is Psychological. NGOs that are not working in line with their thematic areas especially those who are not helping the Society should be Investigated.
Rape: Speak out so that other people can learn".

"We need security. Most of the culprits are criminals.
Most NGOs are not credible".

"It is time to bring  those rapist to death. Religious leaders are in the right position to condemn rape.

"My Accessment on religious leaders in terms of providing solutions is this: They are very slow.
They are not doing enough.
They should use their trainings to help stop the ugly trend".

"Every rape victim has different Psychological trauma.
Most rapist pay their way to be set free, be it domestic violence, child molestation, human trafficking".

"I have went through alot as a victim of Human Traffick and came out alive, I must say it was a terrific experience, so I feel the pain of every child out there who has been molested".

"Security is the most challenging Experience I have had. Government should investigate NGOs as some of them are not what they say they are".

"Parents should be vigilant. Don't trust anyone. Be very careful.
Be careful what you do when your children are around".

"On domestic violence, if you love your neighbor the way you love yourself, the problem is solve. Don't do to others what you wouldn't want others to do to you.
Don't hurt your neighbor", she Admonished Parents.

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