Monday, June 22, 2020

World Refugees Day: There Awaits Global Threat On Refugees If They Are Not Given Urgent Humanitarian Attention Dr. John John Uket.

The Project Lead Of The Innovative Improvement Of Livelihood Of West Africa Largest Refugees Settlements (IILWALRS), Dr. John John Uket has said that  Global threat awaits Refugees If they are not given urgent humanitarian attention.

Dr. John made the statement in a press release made available to Shocknaija Media correspondent today 20th June, 2020 in Commemoration of the 2020 World Refugees Day.

The theme of the 2020 World Refugee Day  which is 'Every Action Counts' reiterates the need that everyone can make a difference.

This also equally affirms the resolve to initiate institutionalized innovative measures that will enhance the economic turnaround of refugees, improve their livelihood and as well as guarantee them a secured and better future.

"The world is faced with a climax of global concerns in health and social justice with an increasing demand for respects for fundamental human rights, improved healthcare system, job creation and economic resuscitation in order to have humanity in its better form.

"The nations of the world across all continents are well hit by these demands; developed and underdeveloped nations alike are in dire need to proffer suitable solutions to these brazing questions and trends.

 The thin line of social justice and economic justice has become a twin ideology that the world must deal with in even many more years from now. This certainly equates the human race on a scale of existence like never seen before in recent times.

"As we are aware that every 20 minutes people are forced out of their home due to natural or man-made disasters, the global crisis and perturbations are most essentially having more feasts on the unsuspecting victims who are mostly the refugee in all regions of the world.

To say the least, the terminal point of all the global anguish is mostly felt by the refugee in the poverty driven nations or third world countries such as Nigeria and Cameroon", he stated.

He revealed that, With over 3.3 million refugees in both countries, the effect of the global crisis will certainly be far more on their lives if nothing is urgently done to ameliorate their difficulties, in many years to come.

According to a recent report by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) on Aljazeera, Cameroon ranks 1st while Nigeria ranks 8th in the Annual Index of Ten (Ten) Most Neglected Displaced Crisis’ Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Other West African countries in the ranking are Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger which reflects the growing security and humanitarian crisis unfolding amid the region’s multi-layered conflict. This definitely makes West Africa the worst hit by refugee crisis in the world.

"The recurring problems and persistent issues of refugees in Nigeria and Cameroon are alarming. The lack and poor conditions faced by refugee especially young girls, woman and children in these two countries have no solutions in sight at the moment", he alleges.

Stressing further, he pointed out risks that the refugees may face in the nearest future if nothing is done.

 "This makes them most vulnerable to sexual violence, child labour, human trafficking and other dehumanizing conditions. With about 3 percent disabled persons with the refugee communities facing extremely vulnerable and cruel means of survival in such conditions of disabilities ", he added.

Humanitarian funding which also lags, with a 2019 United Nations appeal only garnering 43 percent of the funds needed, certainly indicates that there is a global threat of these refugees if they are not given urgent humanitarian attention.

"We are aware of the great resource and potential that lies in the refugee. We are aware of their resilience in making life count. This certainly informs our projects initiative which shall catalyse a paradigm shift in the management and improvement of refugee programs across the world. With our projects, every refugee shall be a potential global economic actor", he clearly stated.

According to him, "In order to make “Every Action Count”, we shall leverage on the available raw materials in each refugee settlements in tandem with our indigenous innovations as well as local technologies to adequately and efficiently transform the livelihood of both the Nigerian and Cameroonian refugees in order to solve a major refugee crisis in the world. These projects shall be driven with core values which are encapsulated in our working theme as “Refugee Better Live - Home Sweet Home”.

Finally, he therefore called on donors, spirited individuals, organizations and governments to partner with his initiative in all ways possible in order to give the refugee in West Africa a better life and a sweet home.

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