Saturday, July 11, 2020

Aniocha-North Grassroots Development: M4GG' Perspectives On The Achievements Of LG Boss, Hon. Chuks Oseme In Office As Deacon Victor Egwuenu Sees It As Leadership At Its Best.

..... Movement For Good Governance (M4GG) Boss, Deacon Victor Egwuenu Says Oseme's Achievements is A Replica of Leadership At Its Best.

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

The National Coordinator, Movement For Good Governance ( M4GG), Deacon Victor Egwuenu today presents the true narratives of the Achievements of the current Executive Chairman, Aniocha North LGA, Delta State, Hon. Chuks Oseme in a media chat with Shocknaija News Media( DCI-WORLDWIDE) in Asaba, Delta State Capital.
The Activist stated that it is widely held that the Local Government System is non-existent to a large extent in today’s contemporary competitive and challenging Nigeria; a phenomenom that is largely responsible for the overdependence on Federal and state governments.

Egwuenu who is an indigene of Aniocha North Local Government argue that,  it is also not in doubt that out of the 774 Local Government Area spread across the length and breadth of the contraption name “Nigeria”, over 70% of these LGA’s are economically unviable and can barely sustain developmental growth at the Local government level.

M4GG Boss went further to state that a peep into the allocation structure from the Revenue mobilization and Fiscal Allocation Accounts Commission (RMFAAC), further amplifies in unabigious terms the inability of quite a sizeable number of LGA councils to sustain socio-economic growth and development at the grassroots occasioned by dwindling revenue sources at the federal level coupled with zero or near zero internally generated revenue at the LGA’s resulting to paucity of funds.

He added that, Cursory look at the allocation pattern shows that these LGA Councils can hardly get along after statutory deductions, salaries of primary school teachers and LGA Council staff, leaving such LGA councils in deficit month to month, year to year.

M4GG group then stated that a typical case scenario of this analysis is Aniocha North LGA in Delta State, he applauded Hon. Chuks Oseme as good manager of resources while stating that the breakdown of Aniocha North Local government State joint LG Account for the month of May 2020 shows a gross allocation of N127,356,350.76 and Net allocation of N91,995,396.23, after statutory deductions.

According to him, Further deductions of primary school teacher, LGA Council Staff, including deductions of bank charges, solid minerals, and others with a zero IGR, leaves the Area Council with a deficit of over N13m which he said is being augmented by the state government.

Egwuenu told the media that his locality, Aniocha North LGA Prides itself of having successful business moguls captains of industry, political heavy weights and elected government official in high places in the locality, that at the moment the locality is yet to witness a good number of industries nor vibrant economic/activities to commensurate with the type of heavyweights, who he said are indigenes of the area, whatsoever, except the Sterling leadership provided by the Present Council leadership under Hon. Chuks Oseme.

He said, that is in light of the above that the group has decided to commend the sterling leadership qualities and administrative dexterity displayed by the Aniocha North LGA Council chairman, Hon. Chuks Oseme who despite the lack of adequate funds and scarce resources has proved his mettle by embarking on the underlisted project.

According to him, under the leadership of Hon. Chuks Oseme as Executive Chairman, Aniocha North LGA, the following had taken place as part of grassroots development in the 18 Communities of the locality, these are: Repairs/Rehabilitation of the once dilapidated road in Isse-Uku from the Asaba/Benin expressway using concrete works.

He stated further that Hon. Chuks Oseme attracted the state government input for the construction of a 1km road from Obomkpa-Ugboba with double sides drainage on both sides of the road.

Another area of exploits is the Rural electrification project from Issele-uku – Onicha Igbo, communities that had been in total darkness for over 7 years with the erection of over 17 concrete poles donation to Ukwunzu Community.

To this end, because of his contribution to Onich-Ugbo electricity, the community gave him a transformer as a gift, which he said was donated to the council.

He went further numbering some other Contributions of the LG Boss to the locality under his regime; both first and second ternure, that Hon. Chuks Oseme as Executive Chairman attracted the Presence of the World Bank and community assisted projects like construction of town Halls, ICT centres, rural electrification and others in the various communities in Aniocha Local Government Area as well as the construction of Health Care Centers spread across the communities of the LGA.

In the words of the Activist, other achievements are: " Initiative on Joint security/vigilante schemes to provide security for the whole of the Aniocha North LGA’s rehabilitation of the once dilapidated Onicha Ugbo Junction from the Asaba/Benin expressway a project partly sponsored by Hon. Ned Nwoko by donating the sum of one million naira to the Onicha-Ugbo youths".

"Convening of the first ever post youth sumunit which witnessed Dr. Gabriel Ogbechie, Chairman/CEO of Rainoil as the keynote speaker of the event".

"Meeting up with payment of primary school teachers salaries and that of LGA council staff despite the very lean allocation to the LGA".

"Prompt management of Covid-19 Palliatives shared to indigenes of Aniocha LGA through the President-Generals of the various communities and the traditional institutions of the LGAs, and the preventive measures put in place in the LGA which has witnessed zero cases of Corona virus infections in the LGA".

"We therefore salute the leadership/administrative qualities of Hon. Chuks Oseme, two time Executive Chairmen of Aniocha North LGA Council. It is our hope that Hon. Chuks Oseme will avail himself for higher calls of service in future".

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