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Delta Born Higher Education Administrator, University Lecturer, World-class HR Expert, And Marketer, Dr. Sir. Simon Nwafor Emerges Member, Board Of Governing Council, Crown University International Chartered Inc.

....Dr. Sir Simon Nwafor's Normination by UNESCO Laureate, VC Crown University International Chartered Inc., Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu as Member, Board of Trustees of the Global Higher Institution Gets the endorsement of the Institution's Chancellor, Emir of Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria.

....As UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu, Vice Chancellor Crown University International Chartered Inc. Says Dr. Sir Simon Nwafor has contributed enormously on Global Quality Higher And International Development.

.......Dr Sir Simon who is recepient of both golden medal and silver certificate of The Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace as a World Peace Laureate.

By Victor Bieni

Crown University International Chartered Inc. (Argentina, Americas And Affiliated Campuses Worldwide) receives another boost as the Chancellor of the great global Institution, the Emir of Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria endorsed the Board Membership of a Delta born University Lecturer, higher Educational Admistrator, Human Relation Expert, and Marketer, and grassroots Business Manager, Commercial Administrators upon Normination by the Vice Chancellor of the higher Institution, UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu.

This was made to known to our reporter today in a press release made available to Newsmen by the Vice Chancellor of the University, UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu through his Personal Assistant on Media and Publicity, Sir Bieni Victor Emenike described Dr. Simon Nwafor as a man of Substance, a great Deltan, Nigerian, African and global figure who had over the years contributed immensely towards the growth and development of the higher education sector as one of the most revered University Lecturers all over the World.

UNESCO Laureate, also noted that Dr. Sir Simon Nwafor has contributed immensely to the growth of Sustainable Development Goals on SDGs number 4, which bothers on quality Higher Education, not only in African Continent but globally as a University Lecturer, Administrator, Marketer and  Human Relation Expert.

Crown University International Chartered Inc. Vice Chancellor's press Statement reads in parts: "Dr Sir Simon Nwafor was born on the 29th of May 1966 at Sapele in the present-day Delta State, Nigeria hails from Ute Ogbeje. Dr. Sir Simon Nwafor attended Igwebuike Primary School, Ute Ogbeje, Delta State, Nigeria between 1973 and 1979. However, as a young vibrant boy who, out of the advice and tutelage of his late father, Apostle Nwafor Omeife proceeded to Owerre Olubor Secondary School from 1979 to 1984 where he sat for his West African School Certificate Examinations and Stage 11 (O//L) Certificate of Institute of Commerce of London both in 1984".

"In his quest for professionalism, he was admitted for a two-year diploma course in marketing management at the Institute of Professional Management, Agbor, Nigeria in 1984 and graduated in 1986. He also enrolled for a professional course in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria, and later the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom and graduated in 1990".

"He also attended Opencast Polytechnic, Auchi; an affiliate of Ambrose Alli University, Edo State and obtained his Higher National Diploma in marketing with “Distinction” in 1990. The young Simon who is never satisfied with education and knowledge acquisition later continued his academic pursuit with the Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria for his Postgraduate Diploma programme in Marketing and Commercial Administration and graduated in 1993 and 2001 respectively".

"Dr. Sir Simon Nwafor later attended the Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research, USA for a Postgraduate Diploma course in Human Resource Management, and came out in a flying colour in 2012. This development was borne out of his professional calling; he has identified himself as a trainee/educator, human resource personnel/consultant, thus the quest to get acquainted with the principles of human resource management".

"And in 2013, he was briefly at Adam Smith University, USA, but later transferred to West Coast University, Panama, USA for his Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in  Human Resource Management where he graduated in 2014".  

"Not satisfy with his academic pursuit, and in his humbled nature; trying to actualise his innate desire to get to the peak in academics in 2015, went to City University, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia for a Doctorate degree programme in Human Resource Management, and graduated in 2018, with a dissertation on the “Influence of Leadership on Organisational Efficiency”.

"He also has a Bachelor of Education (B’Ed) degree; specialising in Educational Management from CLU. Also, he got his Bachelor of Science (B. Sc, Hons) degree in Human Resource Management from ISM University, Adonai, Cotonou in the Republic of Benin (2019)". 

However, UNESCO Laureate stated further that the  Delta born seasoned  Educational Administrator,  Dr. Simon Nwafor had combined hardwork with Discipline by attaining success in education and life, also that the seasoned University lecturer crossed so many turbulent waters in a quest to being educated; that  he has sacrificed leisure, pleasures, but through friends; mostly academics got to where he is today. 

Professor Bashiru Aremu noted that the University DON  believes strongly in Earl Nightingale assertion that “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal, also that  total success therefore, is the continuing involvement in the pursuit of a worthy ideal, which is being realised for the benefits of others rather than at their expense; which the VC  Crown University International Chartered Incorporation said that the remark by Earl Nightingale keep encouraging Dr. Sir, Simon to press forwards towards his goals in life.                                                                                               

UNESCO Laureate said further: "Dr. Sir Simon Nwafor’s work experiences spanned through the media, building, office equipment, consultancy and education. He worked as an Advert. Executive at Tonyphilus (Nig.) Limited; an Advertising Agency, Lagos between 1991 to 1992. He later moved to Evan Folard Limited (Management Consultancy firm) in 1992 as a marketing Executive".

"He was at Evan Folard Limited till 1993, when he left to join the employment of Atis Aluminum (Nig.) Limited, Lagos as their Marketing Manager. Between 1994 to 1995, he partnered with a friend under a company Data Concept Limited, Lagos which was involved in marketing, selling and distributing of computers and other office equipment".

"His entrance into the educational sector came naturally.  He was one of the pioneered lecturers at Wolex Polytechnic, Lagos in 1987 where he lectured marketing research, marketing communication, and marketing management as an “Adjunct lecturer”.  He later joined the service of the Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria in 1998 as a lecturer".

 "His performances at the Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria prompted the late Registrar and founder, Chief Dr. O. Jonas to transfer him to the University of Port Harcourt, Lagos campus, which at the time was being coordinated by the Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria as Course Coordinator and, at the same time supervises the affairs of  other campuses of the institution in Ibadan, Lagos, Warri, and Ilorin respectively". 

"In 2001, Dr. Sir, Simon Nwafor left the service of the Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria to start up fully with his training and development firm – Centre for Career Management, incorporated in August, 1999 as the Principal Consultant. Between 2001 to 2007, he coordinated the academic programmes of The University of London External Programmes, Preston University, Cheyenne, USA, and The Polytechnic, Ibadan in Lagos, Nigeria". 

"Between 2009 and 2013, he was an Adjunct lecturer in the faculty of management sciences, University of Education, Weniba-Ghana, Nigeria campus. Dr. Sir, Simon Nwafor came to the Republic of Benin in 2014 to join the faculty of Ecole Superieure De Management (ESM University), Porto Novo as a Lecturer but later promoted to the position of Head, Department of Human Resource Management in 2016".

Dr. Simon Nwafor is a  seasoned human resource and marketing expert was also an Adjunct lecturer at the Regional Institute of Industrial Engineering, Biotechnologies and Applied Sciences (IRGIB-AFRICA UNIVERSITY), Cotonou till 2018. 

The University Lecturer In 2014 joined the faculty of Ecole de Techniciens Superieur Du Benin (Ecotes University), Cotonou as a Senior Lecturer and presently occupying the position of the Dean, faculty of Administration and Management Sciences.

The press Statement added: "To add to his academic profile, Dr. Sir, Simon Nwafor is a member of the following professional bodies to his credit, viz; Fellow, Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria. Fellow, Chartered Institute of Educational Management and Administration, USA. Fellow, International Chartered World Learned Society, USA. Member, Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace, USA. Member, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria.  Associate, Institute of Management Consultant, Nigeria".

Academic Awards:
Dr. Sir, Simon Nwafor has received the following awards to his credit today; 2020, Certificate of Achievement as “Notable and Top Educator of the 21st Century” in the field of Human Resource Management, International Chartered World Learned Society, USA. 2020, Certificate of Achievement as “Most Notable & Distinguished Knights Order of Africa of the 21st Century” by the Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace, USA. 2019, Registrar’s Award of Excellence, Ecole De Techniciens Superieure Du Benin, Republic of Benin".

"2018, Best Lecturer of the Year Award, Ecole De Techniciens Superieure Du Benin, Republic of Benin. 2015, Best lecturer of the year’s Award, Ecole Superieure De Management, Cotonou, Republic of Benin.  2015, Doctorate (PhD, Hons) Degree in Communication Studies, Institut Superieur De Communication Et De Gestion, Cotonou, Benin Republic".

"Academic appointments: Dr. Sir, Simon Nwafor also has received various academic appointments aimed at serving humanity;
1994 – 2015, Examiner/Course Writer, Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria. 2000 – 2012, Council member, Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria".

"2015, Country Representative, Chartered Institute of Educational Management and Administration. 2016, National Secretary, National Reconstruction Party, Nigeria. 2019, Director, International Students Affairs, West Coast University, USA, Benin centre".

"2019, Registrar, Africa Regional Office, Crown University Int. Chartered Inc, USA, Benin centre. 2019, Country Representative, International Chartered World Learned Society, USA, Benin Republic.2019, Country Representative, Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace, Benin Republic".

"Dr. Sir, Simon Nwafor is a professional speaker: conferences, workshops, and seminars. He also co-authored/published ‘The Enemies & Friends of Niger-Delta’ (Vol.1), Principles and Practice of Marketing, and has published many scholarly articles in Journals and Magazines, including the CASTILA (A scholarly publication of the University of Ibadan), Commerce International, and International Academic Journal of Development Research, Cambodia".

"Dr. Sir, Simon E. Nwafor is a seasoned marketing and human resource management practitioner, who specialise in the strategy of marketing, sales organisation, human resource planning, advising, HR training, sales management, lecturing, and consulting. He is currently the Dean be of the Faculty of Administration and Management Sciences, Ecotes University, Cotonou, Benin, and he is married with children".

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