Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Gifts To Godfathers In Delta: A Campaign Of Calumny Against Ogidi-Gbegbaje, PS-DTGH- Nigerian Civil Society Desk Reacts To False Reports.

 It has become necessary once again to react to the ongoing campaign of calumny directed at the Permanent Secretary, Government house and protocol, Delta State and by extension, the administration of Dr Ifeanyi Okowa by some arm chair critics whose only mission was to smear and distract the Government from its avowed determination to provide visionary and purposeful leadership to the good people of Delta State.

Recall that the Nigeria Civil Society Desk only recently issued a press statement after investigating allegations of financial impropriety leveled against the Permanent Secretary,  Government house and protocol, Delta State, Sir Eddy Ogidi-Gbegbaje by a rogue  journalist purportedly working for the national mirror.

Just when we assumed the matter has been rubbished for what it was, a hoax, another political hireling in the name of Eteveh Ekpokpobe came up with yet another ridiculous and unsubstantiated allegation, surreptitiously directed against the same permanent Secretary while in actual fact, the main target was indeed the State Government.

Reading through the script by the so called Ekpokpobe as reported by a faceless medium known as the witness,  It was clear that there is a deliberate attempt to malign and distract the Government of Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa by certain elements, within and outside the State.

Lets take up the issues raised on its merit, first, the practice of handing out gifts to elder statesmen or indeed, the elderly in our society is very well known across the country and cuts across cultures and traditions. That the allegations centered around some mere items handed out to a select group of elder statesmen and the elderly in Delta States in recognition of their contributions to society, shows the sinister motives behind the authors of these cheap blackmail.

Indeed, as a coalition of independent civil society groups, we encourage Governments across the Country to continue to give recognition to individuals and entities, because we cannot afford to  recognize our elders and others deserving of such, only after their demise. We have read carefully the text of their grouse and find no merit whatsoever as it contains only ramblings and contradictions, totally bereft of any sound reasoning. The responsibility of Government is not the distribution of rice but the provision of the enabling environment to ensure that rice and other items are grown in large quantities,
We also take exception to a statement by a so called Young Nigerians Rights Organization whose Secretary General , one Victor Ojie in his poorly worded release rambled about Government not providing food for five million people and wish to ask him to go look for something to do, rather wait for Government to provide him with food.

It is therefore very clear from the forgoing, that these baseless allegations against Government officials in Delta State is indeed a joke taken too far and we are therefore calling on all relevant security agencies to immediately arrest the purveyors of these unwarranted attacks against both the person of Sir Eddy Ogidi-Gbegbaje and the Government of Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa.

The arrest and prosecution of these unpatriotic individuals will go a long way in taming those who believe that the only way to achieve cheap popularity and make pecuniary gains is to tarnish the good image of a career civil servant whose reputation spans several decades of hard work and unblemished character.

It can no longer be tolerated that official Government records intended to benefit the larger population of Deltans somehow finds its way into the hands of subversive elements whose only intent is to destabilize the Government and try to stand truth on its head.

We call on the Inspector General of Police as well as the Delta State Commissioner of police to put the necessary machinery in motion with a view to arresting these agent provocateurs and bring them to justice.

The campaign of calumny against the person and office of Sir Eddy Ogidi- Gbegbaje and indeed, the Government of Delta State must now be brought to an end.Enough is enough.

We call call on all Deltans to be at alert to ward off hirelings, who are being used to create division within the State.

A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

Being text of a press statement by the Nigeria Civil Society Desk.

Signed, Comrade Emeh Friday, National Coordinator.

Signed;  Comrade Peter Nwokolo, Nat Publicity Scretary

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