Monday, July 13, 2020

Skill Acquisition: La Vida Foundation Pays Unscheduled Visit To ICT Youth Trainee, As Founder/CEO, Ambassador Vida Modelo Sets To Empower More Youths In Delta.

....As Founder/CEO, La Vida Foundation, Ambassador Vida Modelo Sets to Empower More Youths In Delta

By Victor Bieni

ASABA, DELTA STATE- The Founder/ Chief Executive Director of La Vida Foundation, European trained Filmaker/Producer, Nollywood Actress, Ambassador Vida Modelo today paid an unscheduled Visit to one of the Organization's ICT Youth trainee, Emmanuel Ikechukwu Junior to know how he is coping with his ICT training at Noble Computer training Institute, Asaba, Delta state.
The media learnt this today at Noble Computer Institute, Asaba as Ambassador Vida Modelo was highly motivated with the good testimonies from the Noble Computer CEO who stated that Emmanuel Ikechukwu Junior was performing well in his studies in the Institute as a student of Programming and Graphics of the ICT Department.
Ambassador Vida Modelo is a World Distinguished Activist who has a first class experience of what her Organization stands for. Her love for the youths made her to constantly engage them on skill acquisition, not only to ensure that unemployment is reduced to a bearest minimum, to ensure improved skills, improved society, part of her Organization's objectives but most importantly in fulfilment of the 17 Substainable Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) or Agenda 2030.
She is a Visionary Civil Society Leader, a multi- media Practitioner who has sacrificed all to serve humanity by being in the forefront of Advocacy against gender violence, rape, human trafficking and other crime in the society as good spirited Deltan, Nigerian.

Ambassador Vida Modelo told Newsmen in Asaba, Delta State capital that she is now convinced that Youths in Delta State are ready to get themselves engaged in Skill acquisition programs, while calling on stakeholders to partner with her foundation towards the achievement of the set goals or objectives.

She then stated that her foundation will soon embark on Youth development and empowerment on the areas which bothers on Youth skill acquisitions in various areas such as ICT, Catering services, Fashion Designing, Agriculture, Electrical and electronics, building, vocational and technical areas that would improve the skills of those youths that are ready to help themselves as Certificate, Education alone in this Present day Nigeria might be a disaster.

In her words: "The said Youths Skill acquisition will be done in Delta State. The three Senatorial Districts of Delta State will be carried along on the projects of Youth empowerment in the area of skill acquisition by my Foundation, La Vida Foundation"

"Every Youths should learn a skill. My Foundation today paid an unscheduled visit to one of the beneficiaries of our Foundation Empowerment, development skill acquisition programs in his School at Noble Computer Institute, Asaba".

"LA VIDA Foundation is a reputable International Non-Governmental Organization based in Delta State with United Nations endorsement whose thematic areas are to maintain constant fight against domestic violence, rape, and human trafficking, also charged with the sole objectives of touching the lives of the less- privileged by contributing maximally to their welfare, both Children, Youths, Women and the elderly inclusively".

Ambassador Vida Modelo has been in the forefront of promoting the SDG concept on peace building, gender equality, fight against gender violence, global partnership, and advocacy for Sustainable development of the state and Nigeria in general.

One of her Foundation's ICT trainee Emmanuel Ikechukwu Junior,
The NGO worker and humanitarian, Ambassador Vida told the media that the young man Initially came as Applicants for job opportunity, but she saw that the young boy has no credentials and skill to be employed. Ambassador Vida Modelo being a good Deltan, Nigerian Citizen, she decided to upgrade the young man's skill, take him to a place where he can acquire skills in ICT.

She said: "I decided to ensure that he didn't go home heart broken or gave up on life but embrace him with a smile and gave him hope, I encourage him to learn a skill, which my Foundation will take full responsibility of fees and everything, So I enrolled him on a full packaged program at Noble Computer Asaba, Delta state. This will help him to be qualified for employment anywhere he goes. The gesture will also make him distinguished himself".

" Before the training proper, his father was invited and we suggested same to him and he gave us the go ahead to train his son.
Emmanuel was visited today alongside the CEO of Noble Computer school. Emmanuel's father was also visited in his little shop where he manage himself selling wood to feed his family.

"Emmanuel is a Student of Programming and Graphics. Emmanuel's father sells Timber.

Emmanuel made up his mind to acquire skill, He is part of our Foundation.
Though Education is key, but education without skill is a disaster".

"LA VIDA Foundation is Fighting human trafficking, supporting Widows and the less privileged Youths and changing lives in the society".

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