Sunday, August 30, 2020


By Victor Bieni

OGWASHI-UKU-ANIOCHA- SOUTH LGA-DELTA-STATE- The Divisinal Police Officer (DPO), Ogwashi-uku Divisional Police Command, Aniocha South LGA, Delta State, Csp Augustine Oyamielen Okojie has said that, he is a Jolly- Jolly-Fellow, a very happy man, whose life is full of celebration as the security expert marks his Birthday Anniversary, and hosts the entire good people of Aniocha South to funfare in the Local Government Headquarters, Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State.
The learnt this yesterday being 30th of August, 2020 in Ogwashi-Uku, Aniocha South LG Headquarters, while the Celebrant, DPO Csp Augustine Oyamielen Okojie was delivering his good will message to mark his Birthday Anniversary which took place at the surrounding premises of Ogwashi-Uku Guarage, Motor Park, in a popular bar where all the Youths, Women, Children in the locality, inclusively all other security agencies, friends, well-wishers, critical stakeholders in the Security sector, Ogwashi-Uku Community Vigilante group and Political stakeholders in the area celebrated in grandstyle.

As a media observer to this August occasion that marks the auspicious Birthday Celebration of this great event held by the Local Government Police Boss, the Ogwashi-Uku Police DPO, our brother, a distinguished police officer, 21st Century Security ICON who had played vital role in Aniocha South and environs as a crime fighter, crime prevention and control Security Chief, a great Surveillance director and warrior in Security operations who is well vast in Security information, intelligence gathering, crime investigations, a man who doubled as the crown Prince of Uromi Kingdom, Edo State, Nigeria.

The DPO while thanking the people of Aniocha South, Ogwashi-Uku for being friendly to him while he stated that him as a person loves the Inhabitants of the Aniocha South, locality, that is, the entire Communities that makes up the LGA, and also in love with all the Quarters in Ogwashi-Uku which he said are all very familiar to him.

He added that now, because of the role some of its indigenes had played not as informants but on Peace-building, contributions to peace and security towards making it easy for him and his men to operate without hitches towards Sustainable peace and security, growth and development of the Command and the locality, that he will make his own contributions towards their personal growth and development.

He thanked the entire people of Ogwashi-Uku and environs and those that has made his day by Celebrating with him as they party all through the day with music full of angelic sounds and dancing with different steps full of joy and happiness as well as endless refreshments as the people, the entire participants at the event full of great gatherings of Youths, Women and Security agencies, Community Vigilante group were sumptuously fed by DPO who was over joyed while he promised continuous partying to all the people at the occasion.

Ogwashi-Uku DPO, Csp Austine Oyamielen Okojie further stated that money does not come easily, that people must work for it. The Security expert who doubled as the Crown Prince of Uromi Kingdom, he also took time to counsel the Youths of Ogwashi-Uku and environs to refrain, remove their hands from any Criminal tendencies.

He also affirmed that, he is a man of peace and Security, that he cherishes hardworking people and always like to support, empower, give such People anything they needed to succeed towards improving on their standard of living.

At the event, Ogwashi-uku DPOCsp Augustine Oyamielen Okojie used one of the ladies whom he said does not behave like some of the ladies who lack discipline and contentment, whom he had seen during some of his adventures as a Police officer, while studying different women and prostitutes inclusively.

The Security chief then as part of his decent belief in morality for better Society then used one of those he said they were his good friends, very discipline and hard working to demonstrate to her practically the DPO's love for hardwork, highly determined individuals as he promised the selected Lady some empowerment packages as gestures to mark his Birthday Anniversary.

This is alsoa kind gesture to support one of us, the daughter of the soil, Ogwashi-uku indigene towards Socio-economic development of the women folks.

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