Thursday, August 13, 2020

Former Delta Special Adviser To Gov. Uduaghan, On Inter-Party Relations, Hon. Taju Isichei To Delta AA Leadership, Our Relationship Still Remains Like "Placenta And Umblica Cord".

.....As Delta AA Chairman, Comrade Emeka Bidokwu and other State Principal Executives Visits Hon Taju Isichei in his office.

....As Hon. Taju Isichei, first Governorship candidate of AA Party harps on the Need for people to show Gratefulness to Selfless Political Leaders.

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

The Delta State Chairman, Action Alliance Party, Comrade Emeka Bidokwu has said that the party in the state will forever remain grateful to the leadership style, selfless, great Political contributions, and landmark roles played by the former Special Adviser to Governor Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, and first Governorship candidate of the party AA in Delta state, Hon Taju Isichei towards the Sustainability of AA Party in the state's Political sector.

The media learnt that Comrade Emeka Bidokwu alongside other principal Executives of the party played hosts to him in his office, @ Asaba, Delta State capital today being Wednesday, 12th August, 2020 Commended the party Leader for his long term support to the leadership AA in the state.

Our reporter gathered that this is the fourth Political personalities in Delta AA leadership in the state has visited this week to deepen partnership to those stakeholders who are (were) strong members of AA to show solidarity to them as past and present Leaders of the party.

Comrade Emeka Bidokwu who described Hon Taju Isichei as a vibrant, Selfless and accommodating Political leader even as former Inter-party Relations Adviser in the past Administration, while delivering his speech thanked and appreciated the roles played by other Leaders, Political actors who were Chairmen of the party before him even as he rose from being a member to Executive member and finally to Chairman of AA in Delta.

Delta AA as part of efforts to deepen it's partnership with stakeholders of the party who are both past and present leaders of the party, our reporter learnt that Delta AA Leadership led by its Chairman, Comrade Emeka Bidokwu has this week visited not less than five leaders of the party in the state.

Comrade Emeka Bidokwu used the opportunity to thank Hon Taju Isichei and other stakeholders of the party in the state and harped on the need for continuous support and relationship from AA party Leaders and pioneer members towards Sustainable Political development.

In response to the kind gestures and solidarity displayed by the present Delta State Chairman, Action Alliance (AA), Comrade Emeka Bidokwu, the Former Special Adviser to Governor Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, on inter-Party Relations, Hon Taju Isichei Commended the wisdom displayed by the Present leadership by playing host to him and stressed on the need for humans, subjects, individuals to always show gratitude to those who supported them in one way or the other for greater accomplishments in life.

Hon Taju Isichei while Commending the gesture stated that the placenta and the umblica cord are one but there is need for him to remain steadfast to enable him accomplished much for the state for the greater good of Deltans other Opposition parties and AA more importantly, while stressing that he would not forget his root as the first Governorship candidate of the party in the state.

The party Leader who narrated the Biblical parable where only one of the ten virgin that were healed by Jesus Christ came back to show appreciation, then thanked Comrade Emeka Bidokwu on his Political leadership style, while adding that Political leaders should imbibe same for Sustainable peace and development.

The event was rapped up by a vote of thanks by the AA State Secretary, Comrade Isiayei Olivia, and State Publicity Secretary, Izere Pender-Philip, who thanked the Leader and erstwhile AA pioneer Leader in the state, Hon. Taju Isichei, and the closing prayers said by the state Financial Sectetary, Comrade Joy Uche.

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