Thursday, August 27, 2020

Idumuje-Ugboko Crises: Activist Deji Adeyanju's Facebook Video, VAOP Kicks. As Activist Bieni Advises Anioma Youths To Ignore Deji's Video, Shun Cultism And Embrace Peace And Skills For Self-employment.

....As Activist Advises Anioma Youths to ignore Deji's video, shun cultism and embrace peace and skills for Self-employment.

By Victor Bieni

ASABA- Activist and National President of Voice of Aniocha/ Oshimili People has Condemned the recent video on Facebook by one Activist Deji Adeyanju of Concerned Nigerian group and asked him to refrain from such as that will not be the best approach to the restoration of peace in the already polarized Community in terms of well authenticated peace architecture at Idumuje-Ugboko, Aniocha North LGA, Delta State .What should be Paramount now is the promotion of peace, reconciliation, true Community cohesion, peaceful co-existence amongst the beleaguered Community people and Ned Nwoko who epitomizes development in the locality.

Activist Bieni Victor Emenike made this assertion today in his office at Asaba, Delta State Capital while reacting to negative comments recently made by Deji Adeyanju that "he will expose the oppression in terms of land -grabbing at Idumuje-Ugboko, that the poor people are passing through from Ned Nwoko", VOAP asked the Activist from Yoruba ethnic Nationality, who represents concerned Nigerian group to exercise caution not to fuel more crisis in Anioma Nation of Delta State as the Community leaders in the area and other critical stakeholders, traditional Institutions in the state are working round the clock to bring lasting peace in the Community.

VOAP Group also noted that Aniocha/ Oshimili People in Anioma Nation are already battling with insecurity such as cult related killings in Asaba and environs and endless Herdsmen menace therefore that the ethnic Nationality would not want any comments that would not promote reconciliation, peace, unity and love amongst the people of Idumuje-Ugboko and environs that, "Deji should act like a Journalist or publisher who was given a press release by his client, who in the real legal sense is alleged to be innocent and avoid suspicious activism", rather embark on verified facts on the true state of the matter and act as one of the agents of reconciliation as part of the best measures for conflict Management and control.

The group said that they are of the opinion that for you to be regarded as a true Activist without suspicious moves in times of crisis like this ,you must not be one sided but rather apply the true indicators of Civic engagement such as investigate, consult, Consolidate before Confrontation to promote Sustainable peace in the area.

In his words of the Activist who frowned at Deji's video stated that balanced Investigation for balanced reporting is highly demanded of a CSO person before going to the air so as to promote Sustainable peace amongst humanity: "Our own investigations on the matter from sources close to the faction against their son who had been an agent of Development in Idumu-Ugboko Community, Prince Ned Nwoko is that the said land acquired for the Establishment of stars University was made during the reign of the father of the Present regent the source said that the Present Regent,Prince Nonso Nwoko wants the agreement cancelled, that the initial agreement was done without the baptism of some Community stakeholders, that do not support the Initiative that the land is so big to be acquired by one man".

"On the other hand, according to a source from Ned Nwoko faction investigation revealed that the land was legitimately acquired for the Establishment of Stars University and golf course, Idumuje-Ugboko, that the allegations on land grabbing is false, that it was acquired with full Consultation with key stakeholders with Certificate of occupancy and agreement on 40% equity for the Community towards Youth Development, empowerment and Sustainable Socio-economic development of the Community, locality, Delta State and Nigeria in general".

To this end, the group noted that Prince Ned Nwoko has done noble to have been one of those Anioma sons that knows the importance of investing, empowering and seeking for the educational and Economic growth and development of the people in his own land, instead of empowering the people outside his terrain.The Activist then urged those not initially consulted to negotiate with him, also that Ned Nwoko should negotiate more with them, that Anioma Nation is one blood, one family therefore that the approach being used by Activist Deji Adeyanju and other sympathisers is not the best rather that it will add more wounds than healing, that they should consider the option of consultation, consolidation, dialogue, re-negotiation, reconciliation and spirit of brotherhood for Sustainable peace in the Community.

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