Tuesday, August 18, 2020

International Youth Day:What Ambassador Barr Utchay Beatrice Oroma Told Rivers State Youths On Post-Covid Business Development And Re-engineering, Youth Challenges and Solutions.

By Victor Bieni

RIVERS STATE-PORTHARCOURT- A renowned Legal Practitioner, and one of the resource persons who spoke at the recent Rivers State Government Youths Program which marked the International Youth Day by the State's Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, Ambassador Barr Utchay Beatrice Oroma has said that COVID-19 is not merely a health crisis, rather that it is also an economic crisis.

The media learnt this recently at the program organized by Rivers State Government, Ministry of Youth Development during the Celebration of International Youth Day in a speech delivered by one of the finest Legal guru in the state, Barr. Utchay Beatrice Oroma.

She stated that the impacts of the pandemic on workers of all ages, it is youth who are disproportionately at economic risk, she added that more than one in six young people – often young women – have lost their job since the beginning of the pandemic.
In Africa, the pandemic has amplified a number of challenges that young people were already facing, including an increase in insecure or informal work and the lack of social protection.

She said: "The youths are the backbone of every society. Any country that wants to succeed in all ramifications must make sure that attentions are paid on them. The youths face serious unemployment challenge".

"Business process reengineering examples: Creative Quartets
The process of creation in advertising agencies is divided, in brief, into 6 stages:
The customer service team interviews the customer and passes the information to the planning team".

"The planning team makes the necessary studies. Then develops strategy and delivers the request for the creation of pieces for the creative pair (editor and designer)
After developing the requested pieces the creative pair alongside the planning and customer service teams carry out a presentation meeting".

"Conflicts between creation, planning and customer service are very common. Customer service complain of deadlines and not understanding the scope as much as the others. Creatives and planning, defend their points of view and claim that they’re doing the correct work and that customer service must convince clients of this".

" Tutoring:
If you find tutoring easy, you'll make money for it.
If you find tutoring easy, you'll make money for it.
Another business you can do which doesn’t require any capital is tutoring. If you have the ability to teach people and they find it easy to understand you, then you should give it a try. It now on depends on the age range you’ll love to tutor"..

" Social media influencer:
Being a social media influence can earn you lots of money.
Being a social media influence can earn you lots of money.
Thanks to social media, you can become an influencer".

"If you’re social media savvy, then you should consider becoming a social media influencer. Every business and brand today is going online to grow their business and they can’t do it alone without the help of someone who knows about social media platforms well".

"If you have a good online presence, you really don’t need any capital to start up. With just a phone or laptop and good internet connection, you can become a social media influence".

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