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Land Grabbing Accusations: Idumuje-Ugboko's Prince, The Community Past President-Generals Responds To False Reports, Vindicates Prince Ned Nwoko In Today's 15th August, 2020 Channels' Television, Sunrise Daily Program. The Community Leaders Says Comments by Lagos Based Idumuje-Ugboko Indigenes Very Uncharitable, As Today's Visit To Channels TV, Sunrise Daily By Community Leaders, Idumuje-Ugboko Community Past President-Generals Vindicates Prince Ned Nwoko.

....Says Idumuje-Igboko Lagos based indigenes comments was uncharitable, As CUPP set Records Straight in Today's Visit to Channels TV Sunrise Daily by Community Leaders, President-Generals.

On the 8th of August, 2020, Channels Television Sunrise Daily Programme had three (3) Idumuje-Ugboko guests, Engr. Igwe Enueoyibo, Chuks Nwoko and Uche Aligbe who reeled out a cocktail of lies all in a bid to demonize Prince Ned Nwoko as a “land grabber” in Idumuje-Ugboko.

The above mentioned blackmailers live in Lagos and have no homes in idumuje- Ugboko. They don’t come home and they are mere media tigers.
THE COALITION OF UNITED POLITICAL PARTIES IN DELTA STATE came out online to vouch for Ned Nwoko’s integrity having known him for several years in the political turf.

The happy news is that on the 15th of August, 2020, another set of more credible and distinguished Idumuje-Ugboko citizens in the same Channels Television Sunrise Daily have provided a clearer, more logical and more lucid picture of the land acquisition story that puts to paid the litany of propaganda campaign by persons allegedly sponsored by Prince Nonso Nwoko in order to denigrate the person of Prince Ned Nwoko.

The three (3) Prominent Idumuje-Ugboko Stakeholders who featured in the Sunrise Daily programme are Chief Chris Ogwu, a one-time President-General of Idumuje-Ugboko Kingdom and the current Iyase (Prime Minister) of the kingdom. He was the pioneer editor of Pointer Newspapers and a one-time Editor of Guardian newsapaper.

Others were Prince Walter Eziashi, a former President-General of Idumuje-Ugboko and Dr. Michael Nwoko, an Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State and a Prince of the Idumuje-Ugboko kingdom.

The trio of Chief Ogwu, Walter Eziashi and Michael Nwoko are stakeholders. They live and work from Idumuje-Ugboko so decisions on any development affect those who live in Idumuje-Ugboko and their kids are the ones that will benefit from the STARS University and not the loafers who live in Lagos.

Chief Chris Ogu revealed in the course of the programme that when Prince Ned Nwoko applied for the 90 hectares of land for the STARS University and Golf Course Projects in 2015, the late Obi of Idumuje-Ugboko, HRM Obi Albert Nwoko referred the application to the Eziani and the land allocation committee which saw merit in the application and recommended its approval to the late Obi of Udumuje-Ugboko. Chief Chris Ogu also revealed that the earlier 23 hectares of land had a dairy factory, a dairy farm, a commercial poultry and a fish farm.

He noted that it was only unfortunate that the 500 cows in the dairy pilot scheme died due to environmental and climatic factors.
Dr. Michael Nwoko, speaking from the Abuja studio of Channels Television revealed that Idumuje-Ugboko kingdom does not have an Obi yet as the present occupant is not the rightful king having imposed himself on the throne the very day the late king died, without going through the necessary traditional rites and protocols.

Dr. Michael Nwoko debunked claims that the “Obi” of Idumuje-Ugboko is in hiding in fear of Prince Ned Nwoko stating that some weeks past, Prince Nonso Nwoko was arrested by the Delta State Police Command for other matters unrelated to the Idumuje-Ugboko land issue.

Dr. Nwoko reeled out the eight different peace settlement attempts that could have been the roadmap to permanent peace in Idumuje-Ugboko had Prince Nonso Nwoko not scuttled most of them.

He also threw more lights on Prince Ned Nwoko’s utilization of the 33 hectares of land earlier approved for a tourist resort which attracts about 5000 visitors annually from every part of the world.
Chief Walter Eziashi made a most wonderful revelation of a letter recently sent to the kingdom from the office of the Delta State Deputy Governor suspending all issues related to issuance of staff of office until all the contentious issues in the kingdom are resolved. Chief Walter Eziashi also told us that the 90 hectares of land in question was actually a part of a vast land won in court from the neigbouring Onicha-Ugbo kingdom which had earlier encroached on the Idumuje-Ugboko land.
On the strength of the foregoing disclosures, we are sure that the trio of Chief Chris Ogu, Chief Walter Eziashi and Dr. Michael Nwoko have done justice to the serial lies and also corroborated the stand of the COALITION OF UNITED POLITICAL PARTIES IN DELTA STATE which vowed for Prince Ned Nwoko’s integrity against earlier insinuations that he was a “land grabber” by three (3) blackmailers in the Sunrise Daily Programme of 8th August, 2020.


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