Wednesday, August 19, 2020


My name is Kevin Akpewe. I am the fifth in a family of six surviving men born to Mr Matthias Akpewe Ohworieha and Mrs Florence Akpewe Ohworieha. I was particularly close to my late dad and was always interested in his work and passions.

Shortly after my father's resignation from the civil service of the then Bendel State before it became Edo and Delta States my dad secured appointment with Lehman Bravo Merchant bank as an Accountant/Auditor from where he was seconded to the Ore toll gate as a consultant Accountant.

These businesses were run by the former Governor of Edo State, Mr Lucky Igbinedion. In the year 2000 my dad began to relate to my Mum, my brothers and I, of threats to his life in his work environment.

He believed that these threats were coming from people whom he refused to part with the huge cash he was always moving to Government House Benin City and Victoria Island home of Lucky Igbinedion. In 2000 we had to expunge "OHWORIEHA" from our family name in place of AKPEWE in order to hide our identity.

In the year 2001 the threats became more deadly as my dad was abducted and taken to a village known as Iguobazuwa in the present Edo State where he was murdered in cold blood. Although the murderers made it look like a car accident my keen eyes thought otherwise.

I took it upon myself to commence a private investigation into my dad's death and this led me into some online publications to expose the killers of my dad.That was when my TRAVAILS started.

I was virtually followed everywhere I went. In December 2013 I was kidnapped in Warri while working on a project site and was released only when my family paid a huge ransom of 13 million naira as to my kidnappers.

In 2019 I was kidnapped again in Lagos where I lived with my family but I escaped miraculously without payment of any ransom.

However, these traumatic experiences took a heavy toll on me and my family as we began to live in fear. I went into hiding, unable to continue my business.

This precarious situation forced me to want to seek protection abroad. I applied for a US Visa in August 2019 and was granted.

I left Nigeria same August 2019 for the US and upon arrival, I made my way to Canada where I sought protection.


  1. You are very lucky to be alive and your courage is very profound

    1. The miracle and wonders of God shall never cease. I thank God for my life, the life of my Wife and my

  2. May God continue to protect us all here in Nigeria. Sad event for this family. It is well in Jesus Name