Saturday, August 29, 2020


There are indeed some things that cannot be bought with money because of their spiritual value. Trust is one of such. Unfortunately, betrayal of trust counts as one of the most heinous crimes that can be committed in inter-personal human relationships.

Trust is confidence and assurance given to and reposed in the other person, the other human being. This can come from human beings from one’s nation with expectations of what will be compatible with loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity and truth. Trust can also come from joint human endeavours like in business and so on.

From whoever and from wherever trust is given, one thing that we must heed very clearly is that it has life. Its form has a living essence. Therefore it must be seen as sacrosanct and inviolable, a value of life that must be protected and jealously guarded.

In human relationship trust is of prime value that must necessarily be exchanged as we must be free at all times of distrust and believe in ourselves, have faith in our words, assume and expect pure and good deeds from others, have empathy for our situations, conditions and circumstances.

It must be emphasised that if the human community is to know sustained growth and development in accordance with God’s Will, giving due value to the element of trust in public and private life is of fundamental importance.

Having said these, we should bear in mind when someone reposes trust and confidence in us and we betray such what we have done is akin to murder. Murder in the sense that something that bears life within has been killed, has been destroyed. And in accordance with Laws of the Creative Will it is no less punishable before the Laws of God. The commandment of God “Thou shalt not kill” seeks to remind and warn us of the serious consequences that must be faced by the offender against this prime commandment of God.

The ability to give trust reflects the absence of distrust in a human being. It reflects purity, love and a noble disposition. Him to who trust has been given owes himself the duty to guard and protect it and see to it that he faithfully discharges the obligations that go with the trust.

Betrayal of trust in its retroactive effect makes one less of a human being. And if a human creature continues in such unhealthy activity that is below the level expected of a human being it may well happen that before long that creature may not be able to lay claim legitimately to all that is human as he would have started to manifest what is more of the animal.

Godwin Obire
Chairman Concerned Nigerians
For Better Nigeria (CNBN)

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