Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Our attention has been drawn to some publications which surfaced online and authored by one Samson Isibor, who is impersonating as the State Chairman of the ALLIED PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT(APM) in Edo state.

In the publications, Isibor is resisting the authority of the National leadership of our party and its independence by trying to create an unnecessary faction of the party in Edo State.

It has become very urgent and expedient to expose Mr Samson Isibor and bring him to book because the Edo State 2020 Governorship election is less than two weeks from today. It is of importance to note that;

1. Mr Samson Isibor is not a member of APM. He neither has a membership card or a letter of appointment from our National Secretariat, neither was he elected Chairman by any Congress organized by APM.

2. This same Samson Isibor, who is impersonating as the Edo State Chairman of APM also surfaced in Ondo State without the knowledge of the National Secretariat of APM as Ondo State APM Chairman, using a different name- DR.IBINKULE FALANA. On another occasion, he bears the name Gabriel Isibor.

3. In Edo State where he is currently domiciled, he wants to create confusion, fraudulent activities and diversions.

4. He had attempted to create a faction of our great party APM and presented his faction to the Edo state INEC but the Edo State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr.Johnson Alalibo discovered his infamous antics and de-recognised him as the Edo State APM Chairman.

5. The deceit and double faced Samson Isibor was finally unveiled when the National Chairman of APM, Alhaji Yusus.M.Dantalle recently came with his team to visit HRM Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin Kingdom for our Governorship Candidate's Royal blessings ahead of September 19 Edo State Governorship election. Mr Isibor simply disappeared into thin air as he was afraid he would be arrested for impersonation and forgery.

6.Further investigations into Samson Isibor's past also revealed that he was ones expelled from ACCORD PARTY as it's National Secretary having also duped the party and attempted to create a faction by having his own National Exco., A leopard they say does not change it's spot.

7. We also gathered that this Mr Samson Isibor is an ex- convict. That something in December 2011 when he was the the state Chairman of Accord Party that the Benin Magistrate court convicted him for nine months imprisonment on nine count charges bordering on ASSAULT, FRAUD,STEALING AND FORGERY. This was made public in an online news published by Mr Vincent Egunyanga on 22 December 2011.

8. Although our National Secretariat of APM has formally reported this impostor to the Security agencies, Samson Isibor is still on the prowl trying to get last minute patronage to save his face from total disgrace.

9. It is in view of the above reasons that our great party APM calls on the Security agencies to fish out Samson Isibor and his cohorts and arrest them before they create problems for our party ahead of the September 19,2020 Governorship election in Edo State.

10. We also call on the relevant stakeholders in Edo State not to have any dealings with Mr Samson Isibor on behalf of our Party as who ever deals with him does so at his or her own risk.

11. Any decision taken by Samson Isibor on behalf of our Party APM remains NULL and VOID.

It is also unfortunate that recently the Edo State chapter of APC made an online publication alleging that His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki and the Edo State PDP had doctored agent lists of five political parties in the state including our Party, APM. While our party is not willing to join issues with Edo State APC who are already crying foul for fear of the imminent defeat that is already staring on their face.

We however, advise them to remain in their lane and concentrate on issue based rather than other parties and their agendas. Should APM decide to align with another Party in Edo State Governorship election we don't see how that becomes the business of Edo APC.

However ,we wish to stat CATEGORICALLY that the Allied People's Movement (APM) Governorship Candidate MR IGBINEWEKA OSAMEDE is still very much in the Edo State Governorship election race and APM intend to come out stronger and bigger as a Party in Edo State.



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