Saturday, September 26, 2020

Community Policing: Ogwashi-uku DPO, CSP Augustine Oyamielen Urges Vigilance Groups To Intensify On Combing Community Bushes And Boundaries To Prevent Crime. As Divisional Police Boss, Says The Roles Of Vigilance Groups Cannot Be Under-Estimated In Community Crime Prevention.

......As Divisional Police Boss Says, The Roles Of Vigilance Groups Cannot be Under-estimated in Community Crime Prevention.

By Victor Bieni

OGWASHI-UKU-ANIOCHA-SOUTH LGA- DELTA STATE- The Divisinal Police Officer, Ogwashi-uku Divisional Command, Aniocha-South LGA, Delta State, Csp Augustine Oyamielen has said that the role of Community Vigilance Groups cannot be under- estimated in 21st century Community Policing concepts even as he urged them to be highly committed to crime Prevention by upholding security tips and ensuring that they ward off Criminals by combing the bushes in their domain as the real owners of their Communities, adding that the Police who are not indigenes may not have the privilege information on the whereabouts of some perpetrators of crime in the area for proper Community Policing.

The media learnt this pen-ultimate weekend when the members of a Community Vigilance Group visited him in his Divisional Command office at Ogwashi-Uku, Aniocha South LGA, Delta State, Csp Augustine Oyamielen while encouraging the group to keep to the concepts of Community Policing concepts by avoiding blocking of roads rather that a measure of security intelligence should be Applied to ward off Criminals in their Various Communities.

The Police Boss in the locality added that the group should work in synergy with the police knowing that as community owners they have more knowledge than the Police on some of the major hide outs of Criminals, that the group has personal information, and identities of all the residents of their Community be it a stranger, or Community member (s) who constitutes major threats to security should be reported to the Police towards preventing crime in their area.

Csp Augustine Oyamielen defined Vigilante as a watchman, an invisible security outfits, a Man- Guard, number one person in Community Policing whose objectives is to work in partnership with the Police or other security agencies in the locality to prevent crime and provide intelligence information to security agencies on a particular threats to lives and property of Citizens.

Csp Augustine Oyamielen, a graduate of Crises And Human Resource Management, while differentiating Policing in Nigeria and United States of America noted that hunters can be termed the best ever in Community Policing as they are always in the bush, that their presence is likely to ward off Criminals from Communities at every point in time.

He then enjoined Vigilance Groups in the area to go and comb their bushes and ward of Criminals while he tasked them on crime prevention stated that they should not take laws into their hands rather work to protect the entire Communities, and live up to expectations by avoiding crime as those charged with the responsibilities of preventing crime in the area even as he Commended their gallantry and support towards crime reduction, effective and efficient Community Policing in the area since he was posted to the division last year in 2019.

In his words: "Security should not be left in the hands of the Police alone. We are bringing in the Community Vigilance Groups as volunteers by training them to work in synergy with the Police. Before my arrival the place was know for kidnapping, Cultism, Robbery and other vices. But today the above social vices are not there. At least if not 100% but we have achieved 90%".

Csp Augustine Oyamielen stated that the vigilance groups volunteers in the area were carefully selected and trained by the Police for the Community Policing jobs in the Communities under his watch but warned that any member of the Vigilante group in their various Communities who goes contrary to the processes of crime prevention be Sanctioned or would have his of her Certificates of recognition withdrawn by the Police.

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