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Membership Drive: PDP Ward 9, Isheagu/Ewulu Communities, Aniocha-South LGA, Delta State Strategizes For Geometric Increase.As Ward 9 Political Leader, Hon Joe Adigwe Preaches Peace, Unity And Love Amongst Members. Ward 9 Chairman, Mr. Maxwell Unosha Commends Party Leaders, Executives, Members On Massive Turn Out. Councillorship Aspirant Declares. Ward 9, Isheagu/Ewulu, Aniocha South LGA, Political Leader, and First Member, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Board of Governing Council, Hon Joe Adigwe Inaugurates Committee As Set Up By The Ward 9 Chairman, Mr Maxwell Unosha For Governor Okowa's And PDP Aniocha South LGA Leadership's Visit.

...As Ward 9 Political Leader, Hon. Joe Adigwe Preaches Peace, Unity and Love amongst members.

.....Set up Committee for Governor Okowa's Political Wards' Visit in Aniocha South LGA, Delta State.

....As PDP Ward 9 Chairman, Mr. Maxwell Unosha Commends Party Leaders, Executives, Members on massive turn out as Councillorship Aspirant declares

By Victor Bieni, Isheagu

ISHEAGU-ANIOCHA SOUTH LGA-DELTA STATE- The Political Leader of Ward 9, Isheagu/Ewulu, Aniocha South LGA, Delta State and Former Member, Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Joe Adigwe has enjoined all Political Leaders, PDP party Executives, members and party faithfuls to remain committed to the growth and development of the party in the area towards ensuring that the PDP in the area witnesses geometric increase in this Present dispensation of the Administration of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.
This was made known to the media on Friday yesterday being 25th September, 2020 during an elaborate meeting of the PDP Ward 9, Isheagu/ Ewulu Aniocha South LGA, Delta State held at the party's Ward Secretariat at Isheagu, Delta State as Former Member of Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Joe Adigwe sue for love, Unity and peace amongst members, and PDP Ward 9 Chairman, Mr Maxwell Unosha Commends Party Leaders, Executives, Members and Councillorship aspirants on massive turn out at the event.
Those who attended the meeting Included amongst orhers are: The Political Leader of Ward 9, Hon. Joe Adigwe, other Party leaders, PDP Ward 9 Chairman, Mr. Maxwell Unosha, Former Councillors in Ward 9, Isheagu/ Ewulu axis, former PDP Ward 9 Chairmen, Political office holders, the entire PDP Ward 9 Party Executives from Isheagu/Ewulu, the Serving Councillors in ward, Councillorship aspirants in Ward, two Communities: Isheagu/ Ewulu, the Party Leaders, and members of the party in the locality.
Hon. Joe Adigwe, the Political Leader of Ward 9, Nsukwa Clan Political Leader and foremost Political Leader in Aniocha-South LGA, and Delta State in general harped on the need for PDP Ward 9 Party leaders, Political office holders, Executives, Members to ensure that they show exemplary leadership by attending party meetings, Strategize tactically to bring the aggrieved members back to the party, evangelize to ensure that new members join the party so as to witness geometric increase of PDP membership in the Ward.

Hon. Joe Adigwe, former two-time PDP Party Chairman in Aniocha South LGA, and Delta State use the medium to commend those old members Present, and all those from other opposition Political Parties, All Progressive Congress (APC) who attended the ward meeting, and in that event promised to decamp, return, and remain in PDP towards 100% victory of the party during every elections.

He also tasked them on ensuring that the membership drive of the party is doubled to the existing one for more votes for the party in the wards in the upcoming elections, while he Commended Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on excellent leadership on delivering the Dividends of democracy to Deltans.

The party leader then commended the party Leaders, Executives, Members for their Committment and massive turn out, stated that he is very impressed with the quality leadership style of the present PDP Isheagu/Ewulu, Ward 9, Chairman, Mr. Maxwell Unosha while enjoining him to improve more on membership drive towards Sustainable Political stability, greater Committment, Unity, love and oneness of Purpose amongst party members in the ward.

PDP Isheagu/ Ewulu Ward 9 Chairman, Mr. Maxwell Unosha while Commending the everyone on their massive turn out noted that the party leadership at the Local Government is highly impressed with the conducts of members in Ward 9 as best in Nsukwa Clan amongst others in the Local Government while he encouraged all the Councillorship aspirants to declare their Intentions to the people.

At the Ward meeting, it was a free day for the Councillorship aspirant from one of the Quarters in Isheagu Community, Ward 9, Aniocha South, one of the two Communities that makes up the Ward declared his Intention to run for the seat to represent the Community at the Local Government Council, Aniocha South LGA Delta State. The political leader of Ward 9, Hon. Joe Adigwe stated the declaration is in order while he urged all others to declare their Intentions until the party guidelines is out for Political leaders to come together and determine who is most qualified amongst the aspirants.

Those who spoke in that elaborate meeting commended the Political Leader of PDP Ward 9, and First Member, Board of Governing Council, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Hon. Joe Adigwe's Political, and Administrative Style of leadership Included amongst others are: The Former Transition Committee Chairman, Aniocha South LGA, Hon. Romanus Mabuogwu, Present Councilor Representing Isheagu, Hon. Ugochukwu, and Sectetary to Aniocha South LGA, Hon. Ikechukwu Nwabuokei, present PDP State Assistant Secretary, Hon. Chief Fidelix Chukwuka (AKA Rigogo), Special Assistant to Governor Okowa on Land and Water-Ways Security, Hon. Chief Festus Awuta while thanking the party members for their massive turn out during the meeting.

Responding to the declaration of the political ambition of one of the Councillorship aspirants, Hon. Joe Adigwe stated that as a Political leader that he will always give nod to those that fall under the ambit of equity, Justice and fairness for the essence of peace, unity, and love amongst the inhabitants of the two Communities, and actions capable of Promoting internal democracy and Political coherence amongst party members in the Ward 9.

As Ward 9, Isheagu/ Ewulu Communities prepare ahead of the State Wards tour by His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State, Sen. Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, and the Local Government party leadership visits to all PDP wards in the 25 LGAs of Delta State, which Nsukwa Clan in Aniocha South will be amongst the first to be visited soonest, the political leader of Ward 9, Isheagu/ Ewulu axis, Hon . Joe Adigwe used the opportunity to Inaugurate Members of the Committee to sensitize Party members and Citizens of the two Communities on the essence of massive turn out for the event, promote better coordination of programs and activities of the day, maintain peace and security, smooth flow of the visit.

To this end, PDP Ward 9 Chairman, Mr. Maxwell Unosha named the following persons as the members of the committee, SA to the Governor On Land and Water-Ways, Hon. Chief Festus Awuta as Chairman, Former Councillor Representing Ward 9B, Isheagu in Aniocha South Legislative Arms, Hon
Rotimi Ogbolu as Secretary of the Committee, SA to Governor On Land And Water-Ways Security, Hon. Emeka Anukwu as Member, SA to Governor Okowa On Women Development, Hon. Mrs Christy Odimegwu as Member, Former Councillor in Ward 9B, Isheagu, and SA To Governor Okowa, Hon. Onyeka Nwanji as Member, Ward 9 PDP Laison Officer as Member, the Organizing Secretary of PDP Ward 9 as Member and others were included in the Committee.

The political leader of PDP ward 9, Aniocha South, Nsukwa Clan Political Leader, Aniocha-South foremost Political Leader, and present two-time first member of Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Board of Governing Council, Hon. Joe Adigwe then Inaugurated the organizing Committee, while he tasked them on efficiency and effectiveness of operations to that effect.

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