Saturday, September 12, 2020

World Suicide Day 2020: WIASUD Abia State Chapter Speaks

WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY, 2020: In the battle of fuel subsidy, increase of fuel, food items and Electricity sheriff, COVID - 19 and Lockdown, Nigeria are coping with depression.

     As per the survey, there is a cause of concern with more than 60 per cent of the population in Nigeria having little pleasure in doing things these days - out of which, 40 per cent has this fleeting feeling, and others feels this way on more occasions. Many of the population experiences this on a daily basis.

      There seems to be no immediate end to the pandemic in sight. And as months go by, the challenge health of people has been affected, seriously. For a large majority of people, this has been a novel experience. Add to that the fear of losing jobs, the failing economy, crumbling health  care sector, the rapid growing price of fuel, food items, electricity sheriff on plans and the burnout being experienced because of long dawdle on eradicate the challenges has increased suicide, drugs and rape in the society, all of these factors have culminated to put  immense pressure on the challenge well - being of people.

Now, a recent announcement on health challenge, stress to meet up with the challenges of life has found that as more than 60 per cent of Nigeria are currently plagued with depression, which can easily increase suicide, drugs and rape. Nigeria to understand how COVID - 19 etc has changed the lifestyle and how people are adapting to the new normal - the last five months have been unexpected, and have adversely impacted the health habits of citizens across the country. With the series of lockdown, anxiety, jobs cuts, health scares etc. The overall volatile environment, stress and depression levels are at an all time high.

     Our observations indicates that an increasing number of students across the country are dealing with depression issues triggered by the spread of the corona virus and the consequent lockdown. 
       The mounting uncertainty is the basis of the high - stress index which can be controlled with a balanced  diet, changes in lifestyle and appropriate sleep patterns. Depression has a huge impact on physical health and overall all quality of life, hence addressing it sooner with a healthy and wholesome lifestyle is the only way ahead.

      Suicide is very rude and insulting, and intended to damage somebody's reputation. We appeal to our government at all level, not to handle suicide, drugs and rape with ineptitude manner because worldwide initiative against suicide  and drugs have impacted ineradicable structure in our society today. The organization have vowed to eradicate suicide and drugs ravaging our dear country Nigeria. The system of tranquillity in the society today, WIASUD is totally indefatigable about it. The organization is rueful about the disease called Suicide and drugs even rape in the society today. Let  the present government at all level across the country, business private sectors and other NGOS try to put head together with WIASUD to save the perishing in Nigeria and the world at large.

      Note: for the fact that, people are dying of suicide, drugs, rape and many attempt them. There is a historical event accompanied each of them. It could be well - rich or poor, White or black, men or women, old or youth, educated or illiterate. But, in respective of the origin, we all have gigantic role to play in supporting those among us who are weak and easily hurt physically or emotionally, Fair and squarely. 

Suicide and drugs has a strong instruments everyone must resist, such as:
1. Helpless, if you are not being
2. Poisonous drugs, any deadly
3. Depression, the state of feeling
      very sad and without hope.
4. Promise and fail, when you put
     Your trust on promise.
5. Bad friends, being in company
     with people who doesn't have
6. A passing Infatuation, when you
     fix your future in something
     that do not last long.
7. Jobless, when you have nothing
     doing and you have much
8. Marriage divorce, you are not
     what you use to be. 
9. Childless, you have no Child and
     your husband needs it or else.
10. You will be sorry when I'm
11. I can't see any way out, when parents, uncles, relations, in - laws, Boss, friends, that should be a help to you refused to help you and you are in pains and sorrow, and all you will be thinking within you is suicide, so that you will end it up. Suicide is not the solution, move to a good and wise friend and share your problems with him/her the solution will come. But the final answer to problems must come from God by His word.

Suicide and drugs, can not be over emphasized. It is an injury to part of the body that does not break the skin. Obviously, suicide behaviour that shows a lack of respect for God or Holy things. Don't be effusive when proffering a piece of advice to a suicidal patient. Some of suicidal patients may be unscrupulous some times. The councillor should be rigour and the issue must be treated with careful and paying great attention to detail.

Finally, The CEO of WORLDWIDE INITIATIVE AGAINST SUICIDE AND DRUGS, COMRADE EDEH ELIJAH CHINEDU is a spunky and full of innovate in a profusion against suicide and drugs. We call on rich men and women, government at all level to support and sponsor WIASUD to save lives  than profligate spending, it's inequitable. We have dossers, suicide and drugs patients around us, please don't dawdle to sponsor, and to be part of God's heart beat vision to save the perishing. Give your inducement for WIASUD in your State to work harder, and God will bless you.
           The Rev. Marcus, Innocent.

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