Friday, October 9, 2020

David Siunoje (AKA Mama Siunoje): Concerned Group of Issele-Uku Kingdom Calls For Issele-Uku Monarch To Strip The Named Tittle Of Olikeze Of Issele- Uku.

Concerned Group of Issele-uku Kingdom has called that David Siunoje Aka Mama Siunoje should be stripped of his title as Olikeze as he is undesirable of such a title which has boosted his efforts in Criminal activities. His fraud and deception in Nigeria and even as he absconded on Asylum in Canada. He still falls under the title for his unscrupulous activities.

Issele;uku is the headquarters of Aniocha North Local government Area, having Mama sinuje as a title holder of such significant title in a civilised town of Issele-uku is a disgrace to the people of Isseleuku. Moreover, a title holder of Olikeze of Isseleuku claiming a frudulent assylum in Canada , coupled with a numerous frudulent and dubious petitions against him. Olikeze of Isseleuku kingdom known to be wanted by majorities of igbo traders in Asaba and Onitcha over frudulent activities constituted a nuisance and embarrassment to Isseleuku Kingdom.

To this end, going through all the singnificant reports against david mama Sionoje we urgently call for the title to be removed as it was believed that the title was taken by him in other to perfect his criminal activities and was not merited in good faith.

We call for your removal because you cannot be Olikeze of Isseleuku without any traces of legitimate business, a corn man, and a smooth liar. He has spend most of his time in Asaba before his cup became full and he was declared wanted. He made a away with huge amount of money from people and ran to Canand where he took Assylum. He claimed fraudulent assylum? Sinuje's tittle in Issele uku Kingdom should be removed immediately.

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